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How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Be Used for Smile Design?

The first thing people see is your smile when they look at you. It is possible to have a charming smile with the help of the smile design or smile makeover.

Smile design is a cosmetic dental procedure that focuses on improving the smile and correcting the imperfection of the teeth. Nepean Dental Clinic can enhance your smile and make you look younger. It is a customized treatment that helps in giving you a pleasing smile. For this, you have to initially consult the dentist about your dental problems. No two patients are alike therefore it is important to know what are the expectations of the patients.

How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Be helpful in Smile Design?

  1. Treating gums – The Treatment of gums is also included in the Smile design. Cosmetic dentistry helps with irregular gums and other gums-related issues. If gum disease is not treated properly, it will result in the loss of teeth because of the damage to the tissue. 
  2. Missing or damaged teeth – Missing teeth permit the other teeth to cause gaps and unevenness. There are many solutions for missing or damaged teeth. Cosmetic Dentistry Nepean can suggest solutions for missed, cracked, uneven, and broken teeth. 
  3. Brightness – Cosmetic dentist suggests a shade of the teeth that is not whiter than the colors of the eyes. By this, you can decide how white your teeth should be. Teeth can get a darker color because of smoking, drinking, and other reasons. For a perfect smile, many people opt for whitening their teeth.  
  4. Cosmetic dentistry for design – The smile and the appearance of the person can be improved with the help of a cosmetic dentist. It creates a perfect smile. This can make you feel younger. 
  5. Alignment and spacing – Cosmetic dentistry has several techniques by which one can improve their smile. It corrects the misalignment and gaps in the teeth. With the aligners, one can take the teeth to the right position. This gives a more natural look. 

What Are the Factors Considered in Smile Designing?

A few factors should be kept in mind for the quality of a smile. They are – 

  1. The Colour of the teeth is also very important in the smile makeover treatment. It depends on the patient’s eye color, age, and hair color. 
  2. The two front teeth make a huge difference while smiling. The proportion is necessary to maintain a balanced smile. 
  3. The shape of your teeth, lips, and mouth can be managed in cosmetic dentistry. 
  4. There should be a proper gap between the upper and the lower teeth when the teeth are closed. This is essential for chewing and jaw movements. 
  5. A feminine smile is smoother, rounder, and smaller while a masculine smile is larger and square-shaped. 


A person can express so many emotions with a smile on their face. Therefore it is important to have the best dental and facial beauty treatment. Everyone deserves a beautiful smile. This treatment is for people whose teeth are not in the perfect place. They can offer you a wide range of options. It makes your teeth healthy. Smiling brightens your confidence in the world. Oral hygiene is a must for any dental procedure. 


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