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How can companies make use of QR codes for new employees?

Research by Jobvite reveals that 69% of workers are more likely to stay with a QR codes firm for a long time if they have had a positive onboarding experience.

A new hire needs product knowledge and proper training support, so you should make your onboarding process interactive and engaging.

Some businesses today are still using outdated onboarding practices for new hires; that’s why the onboarding process can sometimes encounter difficulties.

If this is still what your company is following, it can go wrong. Traditional methods such as print and paper won’t do that much, so you need to develop an idea to improve your onboarding processes.

Many companies now use QR codes to promote business campaigns and give clients easy access to data that would fit into digital employment.

Simplify the onboarding process with the best QR code generator online. You can properly welcome your newbies and introduce them to your business culture, goals, duties, and more.

3 best uses of QR codes for new hires

1. Video tutorials about work

Most people agree that they learn more about a product or service through video content. Using videos is an effective method to guide new employees on their onboarding process.

You can warmly welcome your new employees by giving them a video QR code. Scanning with a smartphone will take them to introductory videos, company video tours, and business introductions.

You can also create a URL QR code if your video file is stored in an online cloud such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or a similar service.

You can upload large-sized video files using this option without encountering any issues. Similarly, you can also create one for videos uploaded on YouTube.

2. Digitization of documents

The onboarding process comprises crucial actions linked to the new hire’s schedule and job assignments, such as training, socialization, and development.

The file QR code works wonders in keeping and distributing digital files and memos. A file QR code can embed company policies, work tasks, and other essential documents.

Create an employee QR code to promote paperless data sharing with new hires. You can then download it and post it on your chosen bulletin board if there’s a memo for the day. The staff can then scan to access data.

This dynamic QR code works best for IT departments, human resources, training staff, mentors, and hiring managers. You can see Technology And Innovation In Business -CTN NEWS.

3. Easy access to the company’s location

You can help your new employees to be on time by giving them a location QR code.

New hires won’t have trouble finding your company’s location with a Google Maps QR code. They can then use their smartphone’s map app to follow the directions.

Welcome your new employees with QR codes today

Quick Response codes guarantee faster data access today. Creating QR codes for your new employees would help them understand your company’s culture faster and better.

You can start generating QR codes today with the most advanced QR code generator with logo software. Engage your newbies with your business culture using QR code technology.


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