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How Artificial Intelligence is Improving Sports

AI tools and devices are transforming the way people train for and practice different sports. In this guide, I’ll talk about some different AI software and hardware tools that use AI to help you get better at different sports. 

These tools are making it easier to play: 

  • golf 
  • football 
  • baseball 
  • exercise 

And they use intelligence to give you data and analytics that track your performance. New products are coming out every month, so you might just find new AI for your sport too! 

What are some good AI sports tools? 

Here are some of the top AI sports devices that we’ll be going over in this guide: 

  • Arccos Smart Sensors – Golf
  • VR Headsets – Multiple Options
  • ProPlayAI – Baseball
  • Apple Watch – Everything 

Before we go over the advantages of artificial intelligence, here is more detail on each of the devices listed above.

Arccos Smart Sensors – Golf 

Arccos Smart Sensors are trackable sensors that you insert into the butt of your golf club grip. These sensors automatically detect your golf swings, showing you important golf information: 

  • Swing speed 
  • Club path 
  • Angle at impact 

Arccos is helping amateur and professional golfers play better golf and improve their game. And with artificial intelligence, the sensors just work. Once you activate them, they continuously gather data that you don’t need to worry about until your round is over. 

Arccos sensors also detect the difference between a practice swing and when you actually hit the golf ball. This means that they automatically track your strokes on the course so that you don’t have to anymore. 

VR Headsets Games

VR headsets like the Meta Quest have become very popular over the past couple of years. There are sports games for football and baseball that place you right into the action like you are a professional.

MVP Football for the Quest headset lets you be an NFL quarterback on the field. Scanning your surroundings, you can read defences, react in real time, and play football in virtual reality as if you were really there. 

Eleven Table Tennis lets you practice table tennis on a virtual table in your vision. It is extremely accurate, requiring you to use the same arm and wrist motion as in real life. 

Multiple VR bowling games have you throwing virtual bowling balls at some pins down the lane. They use a variety of mechanics to make the balls feel heavy, even though you aren’t holding them in your hands at all! 

VR headsets have a bright future for AI in sports. You don’t need any fancy gaming equipment to play anymore. The Quest 2 is completely wireless, with its own operating system and set of games to play.

ProPlayAI – Baseball

ProPlayAI is changing the way that people learn how to throw a baseball. Using artificial intelligence and your phone, ProPlayAI watches and tracks key mechanics of a baseball pitcher’s throw. 

In real time, the tool tracks variables such as: 

  • Knee height 
  • Knee flexion 
  • Torque and rotation 
  • Pitch speed 

If you use ProPlayAI over time, you can track how a player improves and alters their pitches. In the backend, you can view a ton of stats and analytics. You can show strengths and weaknesses and come up with a plan on how to improve pitching mechanics. 

Share your data with coaches, trainers, and family members to track progress anywhere you need to. Baseball is a very analytical sport and AI is improving the way that athletes train for it. 

Apple Watch – Fitness 

The Apple Watch is the most popular smartwatch available today. It is packed with artificial intelligence that can track your movement and give you statistics about your fitness in real time.

On your watch, you can start over 50 different kinds of workouts like running, walking, bodybuilding, yoga, HIIT, and more. 

Once started, your watch will track information like: 

  • Calories burned 
  • Heartrate 
  • Active minutes 

The Apple Watch also has a full app store which features other AI sports apps inside of it. These apps contain use the sensors in the watch to display information you are interested in. 

Other AI Ideas for Sports 

Artificial intelligence is being developed and integrated for other sports too. Some other applications in development are: A heads-up display that helps racers make decisions on the fly using AI. Soccer analytics tracking, showing you tips on how to hit the ball harder, faster, and better. Apps for the Apple Watch that provide information to people who play water sports 

No matter what the sport is, technology is a great way to make it easier for average people to try it out and play.


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