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How A Sleep Tracking App Can Help Baby Sleep More

This article discusses how a baby sleep tracking app can help your baby sleep more by monitoring their sleeping patterns. Baby sleep trackers not only monitor the duration of your baby’s sleeping but also learns their sleeping habits and rhythms so that you can make changes to improve their quality of life.

How to use a baby sleep tracker app

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to helping your baby sleep more, but using a sleep tracking app can provide valuable insights into their sleeping habits. “Baby Sleep Quality & Insights” by paediatrician Dr Heidi Pignatelli provides tips on how to use a sleep tracker app with your growing child. 

It’s important to keep in mind that not all apps are created equal. Some tracks only movement, while others monitor sound and breathing as well. It’s also important to note that the app should be tailored to your baby’s age, weight, and sleeping habits. 

Here are two tips for using a baby sleep tracking app: 

  • Start slow – It can be tempting to get overwhelmed when you first start using a sleep tracker app but take it slow at first. Start by monitoring the hours during which your baby is actually sleeping and see how their patterns change over time. 
  • Get creative – There are many different ways to use a sleep tracker app, so get creative! One example is trying out different lullabies or songs that you know calm your baby down before bedtime. 

Choosing a baby sleep tracker

There are a few things to consider when choosing a baby sleep tracker. One is whether you want a monitor that attaches to your baby’s crib or one that you can wear like a watch. If you choose to use a monitor that attaches to the crib, be sure to find one with good sound quality so you can hear if your baby is disturbed. Some also have features that will help parents better understand their babies’ sleep habits. 

Another important consideration is what type of data you want to collect. Some track only basic sleep metrics like time spent asleep and total sleep time, while others offer more in-depth information, such as deep and light sleep patterns, heart rate readings, and movements during sleep. It’s worth taking the time to explore all the different options so you can get the most accurate information about your little one’s sleep habits.

What are some ideal devices for tracking infant sleep?

There are a variety of devices that parents can use to track infant sleep, but some of the most ideal devices include apps, wearables, and monitors. Apps are easy to use and allow parents to track sleep patterns in real-time. Wearables like activity trackers and smartwatches can also be used to track sleep, as well as provide other health information about the baby. Monitors like the Philips Avent SCD630 have a number of features that make them ideal for tracking sleep, including sound and video quality that is good for monitoring a baby’s breathing and movements.


If you’re like most parents, you want your baby to sleep through the night as soon as possible. But with busy work life, lots of responsibilities at home, and little time left for yourself, it can be hard to find the time to get your baby sleeping through the night in a healthy way. That’s where sleep tracking apps come in handy. By recording your baby’s sleep patterns over time, you can see how often he or she is waking up during the night and make adjustments accordingly. Not only will this help your baby get more rest each day, but it might also teach them some valuable habits that they’ll need when they become adults.


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