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History of Polo Mallet Bracelet

According to Bianca, they considered several options before settling on the Mallet. The Polo Mallet is not only the most vital sports item for a polo player, but it is also aesthetically pleasing. They feel that wearing a polo mallet bracelet is the greatest way to demonstrate your love of the polo world.

Those polo enthusiasts are Bianca Verneuil and Clment Gosset. They believed they belonged to a privileged club since they were polo players. They were a worldwide club, and they wanted the rest of the world to know without having to tell them. Their photographs abound in their social media accounts.

At the end of the day, if you’re asked why? Because they are pleased with themselves. Both had the purpose of letting the world know they had a polo bug. They thought that when you meet another polo player in a crowd, there is always a sense of camaraderie and a mutual connection between them.

How is polo mallet bracelet made?

To begin, a 3D concept drawing is created. The sketch is difficult to create since it serves as the foundation and must be flawless! As a result, professional artists were hired to do the drawing. They spoke about what they wanted, showed them photos, genuine mallets, and demonstrated how to use them so they could grasp the actions.

A mould was manufactured once the 3D design was complete. The mould is tested two to three times, and often even more, until the outcome is satisfactory. The polo mallet is then finished by engraving elements such as the design, branding, and grip. The final stage is to polish to perfection.

Every bracelet is tested for a month, every day, and everywhere. They play polo with it, care for the horses in general, and go about their regular lives! The mould is validated if no problems are found with the product and all proof sheets pass the test.

The manufacture of the polo mallet bracelet begins after the certified mould is ready. Then they decided to test out a fresh idea: a resin mallet bracelet. With a distinctive and colorful appearance, it is excellent for long days at the beach for both youngsters and adults.

The Uniqueness of the Bracelet

A polo mallet bangle is unlike any other type of bangle. The bracelet is incredibly flexible, making it simple to put on and take off as needed. Unlike the others, this makes the bracelet incredibly durable. The polo mallet and handle detail depicts the sport of polo.

The specialty of the bracelet

Each mallet bracelet is a timeless item that has been handcrafted in sterling silver plated and solid brass. The design immediately conveys a love for polo and distinguishes polo players and fans from others. It is designed to accommodate any wrist size and is incredibly sturdy and elastic, so it fits well when squeezing into your wrist to wear it.

Types of Polo Mallet Bracelets

Polo Mallet Horse Bangle: The polo mallet horse bangle is extremely flexible and comfortable to wear. The bangle is highly sturdy and will not shatter as easily as other bangles. The polo mallet’s features are correctly portrayed in order to reflect the sport. The bracelet is constructed of Sterling Silver (925 Sterling Silver that is nickel-free and tarnishes resistant) and is adjustable to fit any wrist. The polo mallet is 1? Tall, 1/4? In diameter (at the end of the mallet), and 5/8? by 3/8? In size (handle of a mallet).

Yellow Polo Mallet Bracelet:

The bracelet is constructed of yellow gold and has leather links. It’s also available in black and pink gold plating.

Rawhide and Silver Polo Stick Bracelet:

This cowhide bracelet from Argentina is finished with a silver polo stick clasp. The bracelet comes in brown leather, brown rawhide, and natural rawhide.

Solid Sterling Silver Heavy Polo Mallet Cuff Bracelet:

Produced from solid. A long-lasting design in 925 Sterling Silver. The extra-large size comfortably fits men’s wrists. Other unisex sizes are available as well.

Sterling Silver Polo Mallet Bangle Design:

Handmade from solid wood. 925 Sterling Silver, perfect for polo women! With hooks positioned behind the mallet head, the polo mallet runs towards the top. Ideal for ladies with medium or petite wrists.

Final Thoughts:

Polo is a regal sport performed by the upper crust of society. The sport has fans all across the world, and they are constantly eager to demonstrate their affection to others. The polo mallet bracelet is a great way to show off your enthusiasm for the sport or to give to someone who does.


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