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Here’s Why Men Need Facials

We have always been aware of women’s skin care treatments and routines, but why should men not be a part of it? What is wrong with men taking care of their faces? If you have never considered facials, let us guide you to understand the benefits of facials for men. 

Take a look:

Calms Skin Roughened by Shaving

Most men will need to shave every day, and doing so will invariably irritate the skin. Facials can help you come out of that vicious cycle of shaving and irritating your skin. Regular skincare can calm and soothe your skin, making it less likely to be irritated during your next shave, in turn improving the cycle. Regular facials help your skin heal in time and maintain its texture and tone. The accompanying massage increases oxygenated blood flow as well, and that is necessary for healing.

Combats the Elements

Being out of the house or exposed to environmental toxins proves to be rough on the skin, and here’s the kicker- facial skin is affected the most. Sun, wind, and debris can overwhelm our skin pores and leave the skin looking and feeling highly congested. Men’s facials are uniquely designed to repair damage that has already been done and avert an additional assault. During facials, estheticians recommend products that provide a barrier to daily elements. 

Relieves Tension

It is common for men to harbor a lot of tension and stress in their jaws, shoulders, facial muscles, and neck. They might not even know they are doing this till they start experiencing a relaxing facial and feel the difference between tightened muscles and relaxed ones. Apart from taking care of their skin, skilled professionals who are trained in reflexology techniques provide the ultimate relaxation technique for men who fully embrace the chance to chill. 

Counteracts Oil Production

Men produce tons of oil due to testosterone. Following a workout, using some decent products and applying luke-warm water to your face can cleanse your skin quickly without you having to wait to get home for a shower.

A man’s facial addresses the consequences of built-up and over-productive sebaceous glands. It is just with skincare education, professional advice, and well-made products that your oil production can be properly understood and appropriately treated. This way men can put their best face forward in professional as well as personal interactions.

Provides Proper Hydration

When we see facial skin with acne, clogged pores, or an oily appearance, we usually do not think about hydrating our skin. More than 50% of men have dry skin, and even when men have oily skin or frequent breakouts, they think twice before putting on moisturizer since it seems counter-intuitive. Dehydration often causes breakouts, and a facial not only moisturizes the skin, but it is also helpful to educate men on the way to properly balance the skin minus the fear of acne or clogged pores.

Estheticians always recommend skin protection and hydration, and avoiding bar soap to prevent dryness and cracking of the skin. Considering facials for men? Get in touch with us at Menicure now!


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