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Here Are Some Important Facts You Should Know About EMI Shielding

The globe is continuously buzzing with electromagnetic interference in the twenty-first century (EMI). These electromagnetic disturbances are caused by the numerous technologies and appliances we use on a daily basis as well as some natural events. Although many different types of significant electrical and electronic gadgets can sense this interference, humans cannot.

A machine’s performance and dependability may suffer greatly if it experiences excessive interference. Because of this, the majority of device makers incorporate EMI-reducing or EMI-eliminating technology into the design of their devices. These EMI shielding systems use a wide range of techniques to safeguard our most crucial equipment against interference.

You should have a fundamental understanding of how EMI works and how to avoid it if you develop, produce, or operate equipment that are susceptible to it. The essential tenets of EMI and the most prevalent forms of interference will be examined in this essay. Then, we will give you a sneak peek at a few of the Polycase enclosures with integrated EMI shielding for delicate equipment.

EMI: What Is It?

The transfer of undesired electromagnetic radiation to an electrical or electronic device is known as EMI, to put it simply. These signals can seriously injure a gadget by interfering with its functionality. EMI may come from a wide range of both natural and artificial sources.

One of the most prevalent sources of EMI is typical equipment found in homes and workplaces. Some gadgets, like TV remote controllers, produce comparatively weak and tiny fields. More potent ones are produced by others, such as cellphones and microwave ovens. These fields can cause harmful interference when they come into touch with other electronics.

The effects of EMI

Numerous technologies are susceptible to EMI and RFI, which can result in a wide range of issues. Performance problems that EMI frequently causes include:

  1. Video and audio signal distortion
  2. Creating wireless connections is difficult
  3. Interfere with monitoring and control systems
  4. Heating issues and flames (in extreme cases)
  5. General technical issues and problems

The following gadget categories are particularly prone to EMI:

  1. Medical equipment
  2. Wireless routers
  3. Computers and GPS
  4. Smartphones
  5. Infant monitoring
  6. Walkie-talkies
  7. Public television
  8. Both AM and FM radio

Ironically, many of the EMI-prone gadgets are also among those that are most susceptible to it. Troubleshooting EMI problems may be extremely unpleasant since the phenomenon is a two-way street, with devices capable of both transmitting and receiving interference.

Important Facts About EMI 

The complicated phenomena known as shielding EMI may interact in unanticipated ways with a variety of equipment, substances, and circuitry. The following are some of the most crucial details of EMI and RFI shielding that you should be aware of:

Some gadgets, including key fobs and Wi-Fi routers, require the capacity to wirelessly send RF signals. These devices’ transmission can be hindered by metal and other EMI-blocking enclosures. Polycarbonate enclosures are frequently a preferable option for these applications.

Seams or holes that have not been adequately sealed up might affect how well enclosure shields. Even modestly sized openings in the enclosure can serve as antennas to let EM radiation enter or exit. Enclosure designers frequently specify enclosures with continuous body designs that permit just a little quantity of EM radiation to escape in order to fight this.

Because the frequencies in a high-impedance ground can produce a difficult-to-remove “noise voltage,” grounds are frequently a source of persistent EMI. The most effective method for reducing ground EMI is normally to use low-impedance grounding procedures.


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