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Having Fun With Virtual Games

I didn’t travel through time in Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown’s DeLorean. However, I have the feeling of having made a good spatio-temporal! In the famous cinematographic trilogy, the teenager takes a 30-year leap in time to arrive in … 2015 and land in a totally futuristic universe where High Tech has invaded everyone’s daily life.

Well, this future has become a very factual present, a reality to be experienced thanks to the indoor room concept developed by the Cyber ​​Games 24 team, unique in France. Meet in Creysse, on the outskirts of the capital of Périgord Pourpre, Bergerac.

Nostalgic for your childhood, arcades and video afk tier gaming, desire for new technologies, to awaken your senses and discover new sensations, strong, magical and/or playful?

So discover new leisure activities in this antechamber of interactive and sporting pleasure . Immerse yourself in a warm family atmosphere with Julien, the owner of the place, and Carole, his wife who welcome you with open arms. From the outside, once through the doors, a vast world awaits us. The 500m2 of space are very well laid out and it is easy to move around among the 11 ultra fun games on offer. We remain amazed in front of all these devices coming from the 4 corners of the world .

An animator guides us in all these new practices and allows us to live a rich, varied, totally new and damn exciting experience! Unsuspected , strong and extremely fun sensations guaranteed!

And there’s plenty to have fun with, whatever your age (and it’s not necessarily the youngest who have the most fun, believe me…) and for as long as you want thanks to the different formulas available.


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