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H1B Visa For International OPT Students

An international student works really hard to get into an American university or look for H1B Visa jobs in the USA. Being a student and being an employee is no doubt a different thing entirely but one can cover the distance.

Every student that looks forward to studying in the USA also aims to work and live there for a longer period of time. A student with qualifications and ambition can make the journey from an international student to an international employee.

There are many ways of course for international students in which they can become a student and then become an employee in the USA. The known understanding of F1 or M1 student visa is the power.

The student visa allows a student to work in the USA with the help of work authorizations that are allocated by the USCIS. A USCIS is an immigration department of the US that helps a student achieve their dream.

With the help of an F1 visa, a student can apply for two types of work authorization that somewhere commences their journey toward an H1B visa or any employment permit.

A work authorization like Optional Practical Training or OPT and Curricular Practical Training or CPT are kind of like a gateway to H1B jobs in the USA. Optional Practical training jobs are the most opted and chosen types of jobs by international students. The reason behind this is very obvious, they are the advantages.

OPT students are very well in demand in many fields of study as it is compulsory for them to find work in their field only. Every student that gets a work authorization gets a compulsory period of time to gain experience in their field and even keep working as soon as they desire.

A student can work temporarily or part-time in their OPT jobs duration at any place at any time. A student can even work in a small cafe or restaurant if they are not able to find an employer or qualify according to an employer.

A student with optional practical training jobs permission gets a fixed 12-month tenure to work.

After the completion of that work tenue, a student can complete their studies if their program is still active and their legal status is maintained under an F1 visa.

Or, a student gets an extension period in their OPT for the period of 60 days under which they can commence their H1B process with the help of their current or other employers.

But when a student has the power of an OPT in their hands, they should utilize it to the fullest. The OPT gives the ultimate work experience to an international student that is required overall for an H1B work permit by an American employer or company.



An H1B visa can be provided by an employer if a student has been working for a long time and seek it. An H1B visa is the biggest goal that every international student wishes to reach.

Working with companies that already have a global image or workforce can also be done with the help of this work authorization. There is no obligation on a student based on the place they wish to work for. A student can decide by themselves and make their future secure with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The whole process of H1B can also be done if a student is not able to find a suitable employer to sponsor. A student under OPT is also eligible to look for the H1B lottery or apply it by themselves.

To apply for H1B by themselves, a student can find another employer that can give them an offer or appointment letter to work with them. With the help of that letter, a student can apply for a work permit of H1B.

Apart from that, after the completion of the student visa and work authorization, a student can marry an H1B holder and apply for a tourist visa themselves.

The USA authorities have allowed automatically work authorization to the spouse of an H1B visa holder. So, there are many ways for a student to apply and get registered under an H1B visa in the USA.

How does an h1b visa work

OPT jobs are only temporary but an H1B provides a longer assurance to the international candidates. A student can find an employer and get the sponsorship visa done within the time being of the work authorization and then stay in the USA as their employee.

H1B jobs in the USA  are also very easily provided to the students that have worked with the employers before and have the ability to continue working for them.

OPT students get the opportunity to apply for international or multinational companies and firms that will hire them for permanent employment or extension of their OPT period.

International OPT students though are not always lucky to find the perfect job in their field of study and that is why the legal authorities have given them the liberty to keep looking or even changing their job.


  • Valid passport
  • Labour certification approval
  • Offer or appointment letter
  • Educational certificates and documents
  • Job description and company profile
  • Resume or portfolio
  • Passport size photos
  • Fee payment receipt
  • Application form
  • Copy of license or original driving license

Benefits of H1 Visa for OPT Students

Every student is eligible to apply for work authorization like OPT and CPT, there is no obligation on them for applying for any employer, nor there is an obligation if they request for an H1B sponsorship.

A sponsorship is a document that can be asked by a student as well as given by an employer or a company based on the performance of the student. The road to H1B from OPT is not so far but the only things are the employer and the performance of the student in the specific period.

A student with all the capabilities can get to the H1B easily. The advantage that is given to international OPT students is immense and very helpful for their betterment. OPT students get the opportunity to choose and even change their work type or their employer.

A student can work wherever and whenever they want as soon as their OPT gets approved. A student can work for multiple employers and can decide the work mode for themselves.


Can I study on an H1b visa?

Yes, there is no obligation on a candidate willing to learn and study when their H1B visa permit is active. A candidate can opt for any distance or online learning from their job or workplace. A study mode of a student should be matched with their job profile and timing.

Why is H-1B better than OPT?

They both are better at their own style. An H1B is all about work and work but an OPT is about work and study. It depends on the candidate what they wish to do in their field of study. But one can study in H1B and one can work in OPT as well.

What happens to OPT after H-1B?

An OPT is a work authorization that comes with an expiry date. If a candidate applies for an H1B when their OPT is valid, they cannot use it anyway. No international candidate can enjoy two statuses at the same time in the USA. Either it will be paused or declared void.

Can I extend my OPT visa?

OPT is not a visa, it is a work authorization. And yes it can be extended if a candidate is applying for it again and has a legal status maintained under the law of the USA.

What is the importance of an h1 visa?

The importance is that an international candidate can work with an American employer based on the contract they agree on and live like a residence. They have the opportunity to rent estate, invest, buy and sell their own products.

Can you apply for H1B while on OPT?

Yes, if a candidate is eligible and has an employment offer or appointment letter then they can apply for H1B. An OPT does not stop any candidate from changing their status in the USA.


The article tries to make a bridge for an international student from OPT to H1B visa which is a dream of many. A student can try many ways and still enjoy the benefit of the OPT that is given by the legal authority of the USA.


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