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Great Canva Alternatives That Social Media Marketers Can Use in 2022

Back then, creating invites, posters, and illustrations online was such a dreadful process, especially if you’re not a graphic or digital artist. Fast forward to today. With all the graphic design and photo editing tools out there, you can make things happen and produce quality digital illustrations and outputs in a breeze. 

Canva is a savvy tool that provides you with what you need to create illustrations, do banner generation, use dynamic fonts, and more. It’s a free platform, and everyone can access digital marketing, personal or corporate projects and campaigns.

The thing about Canva is that it is beginner-friendly and easy to use with its unique features and in-app tools. It also has some missing guidelines, like rulers that lack precision. Not many would find this distracting, but some who are particular about it don’t see it helpful and would turn back to Photoshop to edit.

Another possible drawback is the limited options for exporting, and Canva uses small file sizes that may risk the output quality eventually. Aside from Canva, there are alternatives that we can turn to that have lesser feature restrictions, more dynamic templates to explore, and a variety of tools that might fit your liking and utilization.

To help you even more with your graphic creation, we’ve curated 12 Canva alternatives that you can use to boost your digital marketing campaigns in 2022 

1. Pixelixe

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One of the widely used graphic designing tools, Pixelixe, continues to make its mark to support digital marketers and online business. With its accessibility and navigation-friendly site, editing for your social media accounts becomes more efficient on your end.  

Pixelixe can help you refine your banner generation, spice up your marketing campaigns with its premium icons, and export your visuals in different file types based on your output requirements.

You don’t have to create an account to start your project with Pixelixe. You can choose from the library of images that it offers. There are almost a thousand fonts designs and a huge array of icons to choose from. Give Pixelixe a head-on exploration to see what we’re talking about.

2. Visme

Their tagline sums up what Visme.co is all about. Visme’s tagline: We’re not just a tool. We’re the whole workshop. Whether you’re just a student or a professional, Visme can be your go-to tool to create a visual experience for your audience. 

Visme offers designs for infographics, charts, and other marketing visuals. Other than that, you can spice up your presentations with dynamic elements, flowcharts, customizable widgets, and then sync it all with your existing data. You can deliver exceptional outputs for your corporate and social media marketing campaign projects. 

Suppose you want to refine your branding initiatives. In that case, you can go and check out what Visme has as it is a huge library of visuals, audios, vector illustrations, and even support for your team with a team collaboration feature and a file managing system.

You can access Visme for free, but this is limited to 5 projects, and there are limitations on downloads and templates. For plans, it ranges between $25- $49 a month with various access and download options you can enjoy depending on your chosen plan. 

3. Crello

Crello is a great source of presets and templates for specialized purposes according to your digital needs. With more than 25,00 templates for all your digital visual requirements, Crello is your best friend. It even offers a free plan for you to ride on. 

Crello has reliable features like background removal, cropping tool, photo filters, vector elements, and a lot more. You can also add music to your vlogs or videos or add sound effects to your photos. You can even utilize its audio editing tool if you want your project to be as dynamic as it can be.

Crello also offers a branding kit where you can drag in design elements to edit and fine-tune your project better. Compared to Canva, Crello is more on the media, entertainment and fun side of things. The templates and visuals are more attuned for social media use, which is best for promoting and mainly maximizing social media sites for marketing. Now you can begin spicing up your social media campaign projects, banner generation designs, posters, and others. 

As for its price, if you want to go with the pro package or the premium, you can go at it for $9.99 monthly. This will give you depth access and unlimited downloads. 

4. Snappa

We love Snappa’s unique designs and graphics. It is minimalistic, sleek, and at the same time dynamic and fun. The templates are definitely one of a kind, and you can create your projects as quickly and as smoothly as you can with the features it offers. 

Snappa is best used for your social media marketing needs, design enhancements for your profiles online, refine your ads, and the like. Its editor tool has all the vectors, visuals and design elements you might need.

It also has a background removal tool, collaboration feature for multi-users, and access to a haven of illustrations, vectors and customizable graphics alike. Pricing-wise, it is a bit higher than Canva,  but at $15 monthly, you already get unlimited downloads and full access to fonts, image background removals, templates, and more. 

If you want to use it for free, you can still have access to more than 5,000 templates and just a limit on downloads, but still, the possibilities keep coming.

Go ahead and check Snappa out!

5. DigiFloat

There are tons of Canva alternatives out there, and DigiFloat is one of the go-to other options. If you’re a business owner or a digital marketer, you may want to invest in this tool. Not only does it have great branding themes and logo designs, but you also have UI/UX designs to access. All these for a refined, trustworthy, and quality output that will solidify your branding goals.

At $399 a month (with a money-back guarantee on your end), you can maximize DigiFloat and have a sure taste of what a unique and dynamic design tool can offer.

6. Fotoram.io

Fotoram.io is an online photo editor that features various photo editing tools, and input the available filters, layers, overlays that your project needs. You can make use of Fotoram.io for free.

With its basic editing tool, you can easily adjust your image, resize it to the size you require, adjust colors, hues, brightness, tones, and add effects as you like.

You can add in other design elements and vector icons and create collages.

Fotoram.io is available and accessible on your mobile and desktop browsers.  With a more streamlined and convenient editing process, you can create more projects to add to your belt. 

7. Venggage

Venggage is still topping it out as one of the go-to tools for infographic templates, themes, and designs. With over a hundred templates to choose from, Venggage does not disappoint and continues to deliver quality visuals, info charts, and educational design elements.

All these are helpful to incorporate in your presentations, personal projects, and more for corporate campaigns. Infographics, diagrams, reports, data visualization, and timeline are all techy templates in Venngage. 

It also offers various plans for your enterprise, for classrooms, for personal use and even for non-profits.

You can download up to 5 designs to use for whatever project you need them on for free access. 

8. Animaker

This is for the fun ones! Animaker can make them possible for you. This Canva alternative is especially for those who are into creating fun stuff like videos, crazy GIFs, and animations. 

It has a vast collection of icons, properties, backgrounds, design characters, and more templates. It brags as the world’s most complete video-making tool, and we can’t seem to disagree. 

Apart from that, you can upload and edit videos at 4K quality. You have to explore it to believe it! 

9. Design Wizard

If you’re looking for something at par with Canva, or more like Adobe level, Design Wizard can make that mark. It allows you to create impressive and quality videos and visuals within a short time frame. 

With Design Wizard, you can create your own custom palettes and have access to an entire library of more than a million illustrations and images to choose from. Aside from that, all these graphics from their library are licensed for your commercial use- so you are free from any licensing complications in the long run. 

It includes artboards and layers, customizable templates for your corporate and marketing needs, and design tools for special projects you might want to take on. 

All these and more to explore at Design Wizard! 

10. Pixlr X

Pixlr X is an excellent alternative for Canva as you can take on more complex projects with this photo editing tool. You won’t just be limited with your regular banner generation, background removal or customizable templates, but you will also have access to advanced features for photo editing. They have an AI CutOut tool for image refining and editing, amazing presets, and an overall quicker design process. As many would say, Pixlr X is also an alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

If you’re going to utilize this tool for free, you can still access the basic editing tools. On the other hand, if you’re going for the premium plan, you can have a wide array of choices for your icons, stickers, and overlays. On top of that, you’ll be ad-free, and you’ll enjoy video tutorials as part of the package. 

Sharing all your outputs online won’t be a problem, too. So check out Pixlr X and see how you can use this tool to make your process more streamlined. 

11. Befunky

It’s not a question why Befunky is on this list. Most digital marketers have discovered the efficiency of using this tool for their various online projects. With ease in navigation and an all-in-one platform for your creative needs, Befunky is built to help you streamline your work and deliver outputs that are sure quality. You can choose from design modes: collage maker, designer, and photo editor.  

Besides that, Befunky has customizable templates, a library of vectors, over a million free visuals to choose from, background removal features, touch up, photo effects, and many more. 

And yes, it is for free. Upgrades are in the options list, too, so you can decide to level up when you want to.

12Adobe Express

Of course, this tool has to be on this list, as it remains one of the most reliable social media design tools in the market. Truthfully, it’s more like a competitor than a Canva alternative, but Adobe Express makes things happen for you. 

Why does it remain reliable? It has a wide range of templates for various occasions, a library of backgrounds, images, icons, and other visuals that you can easily access. Along with this, you can easily download images in PNG and JPG and do a seamless integration to your Google Drive once you finish a project. 

Collaboration has also been made easy by Adobe Express, as you can also share your outputs or move files within the Adobe Creative Cloud. 

You can improve your branding with Adobe Express as it has design elements to help you with your branding theme, color palette, logo, fonts, and more. Resizing to best fit that image for your social media platforms is pretty much in the features.

You can still have access to a huge array of design templates and visuals for a free account. Individual and team accounts range between $10-$20 monthly, depending on your options. You can manage it and make it work for you.

Adobe is highly recommended for personal use, team, and corporate projects.


As social media continues to evolve, customer engagement and marketing campaigns need to meet the current needs of each target market. Getting your visuals and campaign deliverables in social media out at a quality level means you need great tools to work with. 

Canva is, again, a go-to tool for everyone, but of course, it’s not the only one in the market. The above alternatives show that you have terrific options to create quality outputs and make these projects stand out.

As they say, work smarter, and so you need design tools to truly help you create the visuals you need to connect and engage with your customer on a whole different level. Aside from that, who doesn’t want streamlined work processes and better online collaborations, right?

You have more choices and a bigger window for improvement and success in all your online campaigns and projects.

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Shelly Solis is the co-founder and CEO of SaaSLaunchr, a marketing agency offering SaaS SEO, content writing, and guest posting service. With SaaSLaunchr’s collaborative blog outreach campaign, she has helped SaaS Companies grow their organic traffic. When not working online, she loves watching movies on Netflix and reading.


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