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Get out! Amazing Escape Rooms in Los Angeles.

The lights are dim and you’re surrounded by broken objects. The door is locked, but around you bookshelves are teeming with hidden cyphers – a desk inscribed with oblique clues, teasing the revelation of a mystery as yet unsolved. All while some strange voice speculates excitedly on your inevitable fate.

No, you’re not in the midst of an adventure film. A cruel trap, where minds are stretched, unearthly frights revealed and friendships and allegiances tested. No, you’re in sunny Los Angeles. And although some might describe Hollywood in that way, we’re talking about the delights and surprises of California’s escape rooms.

We’ll be breaking down some of the best escape and maze rooms in LA, and some of the unique and affordable adventures you can have with your friends, family and colleagues. Nothing brings people together like a challenge.

What are the LA escape rooms?

Who’d have thought that after a couple years stuck indoors we’d be clambering to get back? The difference, of course, is that this is an immersive, exciting experience that definitely beats working from home in your pyjamas.

Simply put, an escape room is a locked room where you and a team of players seek to open the door in a limited amount of time, solving puzzles and discovering various clues to help you achieve your objective.

The options are endless, the stories immersive and the good times inevitable. Since the trend exploded in the 2010’s – their popularity has shown that escape rooms are here to stay.

Where are the best escape rooms in LA?

Looking for an awesome, immersive or scary Los Angeles escape room? Maze Rooms has locations all over LA – and the creativity and attention to detail they put into their experiences is astounding. Here’s just some of the rooms they have to offer across the city.

• Highland Ave: the Pharaoh’s Tomb is one of three experiences in this escape room in downtown LA. In this adventure, you’re an archaeologist, seeking to chart the history of a mysterious civilisation and discover treasures beyond your wildest dreams. But beware, this is a path walked by many before, and none have returned. As your hour ticks towards the close – you and your team will have to muster all the wit and skill you can to escape, with or without untold riches.

• In Culver City, something is beginning to stir. The Santa Clarita diet has caught on, and swept across Los Angeles with an insatiable hunger. Your only option is to sit tight, barricade the doors and attempt to get help as the tide of undead rises over the city, try as you might, never forget – they’re coming!

• Oh dear – the great detective has been poisoned! Robertson Blvd has been transformed into Baker Street in this charming Sherlock Holmes adventure, where you seek to synthesise a secret elixir that will bring him out of his unwilling slumber. Elementary, I think not!

These are just three of many fantastic escape rooms that Maze Rooms has to offer: you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your adventurous spirit. So muster your friends and your courage, and put your mind to work on these amazing LA escape rooms.


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