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Get Natural Hair Color look from Halocouture Hair Extensions

Look Natural With More Than 59 Hair Color Options

Are you fed up with your natural hair color and want to try something vibrant and fun? However, does the idea of coloring your own hair and the hair damage plus the care involved deter you from doing so? We fully comprehend the importance of hair to women, and we wouldn’t want to jeopardize it for anything.

Don’t worry, girl; getting the desired looks doesn’t require you to torment your hair or yourself. That is why hair extensions exist!

Hair extensions such as sew in weft hair extensions, tape ins & clip ins come in varieties of shades & sizes to help you achieve the desired look! And for the same reason, we present to you  HALO COUTURE® hair extensions.

Halo  Couture offers more than a thousand options that one lifetime seems to be pretty short to try them all!

Check out what  HALO COUTURE® has to offer you!

Tape In Extensions–20 Color Options

20 Gemstone Inspire Hair Colors

PRISM Tape-In Extensions by HALO COUTURE® are designed to give your hairstyle a distinct edge. You can now get stunning Prism hues without over-processing or harming your hair. Choose a strong, daring color like Royal Sapphire or a subtle pastel like Aquamarine; the option is yours!

When developing bright highlights, forget about extensive processing times; PRISM Tape-In Extensions can be applied in approximately 10 minutes and last 6 to 8 weeks in your hair.

Available in rooted and non-rooted variants in 20 gemstone-inspired colors.

Sew In Weft Hair Extensions–39 Color Options

Sew In Extensions- 39 Color Options

Sew in extensions are well-known for their ability to mix in with your natural hair and give you a great look. Stitching on and sewing in hair extensions to your cornrows will take 3 to 6 hours. Remove the weft every 6–8 weeks to keep your scalp healthy and clean.

Two types of sew in weft hair extensions in HALO COUTURE® offer you 23 original, 7 balayage, and 9 rooted color options to choose from.

  • Hand-tied: hand-tied sew in wefts hair extensions are individual strands of hair that are hand-tied together to form a secure, robust, and thin weft. Excellent for fine to medium hair.
  • Machine-tied: hand-tied sew in wefts hair extensions are created by tying hair into a tiny mesh, stitching through the mesh for support, and finishing the wefts with polyurethane (PU) adhesive to prevent shedding while being lightweight and adaptable. Excellent for Medium to Thick Hair

The Fall® Extension—30 Color Options

The Fall® Extension—30 Color Options

If you want something faster & easier, unlike the sew in extensions, The Fall® should be your new favorite. It is famous for its versatility in transforming fine hair into a natural, voluminous look. Conceal hair loss and new growth between color appointments while quickly boosting length and volume. 

The Fall® is held at the crown of the head by four soft, silicone-coated clips that connect to your natural hair while remaining damage free.

There are two types of Fall® extensions you can choose from:-

  • Original Fall® hair is manually tied into a breathable weft that can be re-directed to mix with your natural hair. 
  • The Hybrid Fall® hair is inserted into a hand-tied fabric basis. The hair is flat and straight to mix in with your natural hair.

HALO® Hair Extensions—30 Color Options

HALO® Hair Extensions—30 Color Options

The HALO®hair extension is the most recent hair extension that does not require you to use your hair. Instead, it takes advantage of your skull’s natural shape and rests on your head like a crown with a concealed cable. 

On the other hand, your natural hair will sit securely on top of the halo. HALO®hair extensions are the least hazardous of all hair extensions since they do not pull or strain your hair strands like tape in or sew in extensions.

HALO® Bangs—23 Color Options

HALO® Bangs—23 Color Options

If you don’t want to chop your hair but want bangs to match your natural hair color, HALO® bangs are the way to go.

Each HALO COUTURE® bang is produced from 100% Remy human hair. The bang is protected with a keratin seal for a delicate and silky feel. It clips on in seconds to radically modify your look without requiring commitment! These bang extensions are perfect for hiding haircut flaws and are heat-resistant and color-safe in case you want to dye them.


You can now look natural and gorgeous with these hair extensions from HALO COUTURE®, which come in over 30 various hues and sizes. Click here or go to HALO COUTURE® to see them all without having to worry about damaging your hair! 

You can also go to their salon finder page & search for “women hair salon near me” to book your appointment.


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