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Four Ways Thieves Can Get Inside Your Home

Thieves are getting smarter, but there is still the same number of doors and windows in every house. There is only a finite number of ways they can enter a house, and if you prepare your house for them, you will never to have to worry about someone breaking into the house. 

If you are wondering exactly how they can break into your house, this article has clear answers based on research. As long as you have good home security systems installed in your home, none of them ever harm you or your family. 

Directly through the Main Door

The most common method is to date the main door. They just break the lock and walk right in. Of course, there could be family members at home, but they don’t do anything without planning. They will always do a survey before making a move. If they know someone is inside, they will first check how many people are there and how strong they are. 

If there aren’t many people or if they can easily force them, only then will they make a move. You could install two locks to the main entrance, and it will take them twice the time to enter. If there is no one home, they might break the door. Make sure the entrance doors are built to withstand force to stop them right there. 

First Floor Windows

This is something most people don’t expect, but a great number of break-ins are done through the windows on the first floor. Most of us don’t realize how clearly one can see inside the home when the lights are on. 

If you want privacy, you should either spread the curtains or keep the lights off. We don’t really expect anyone to use the windows as an entry point, especially on the first floor. This is why we don’t lock them. When you are not home or you are sleeping, they become the perfect point for entry. You should install bars even on the windows. The bars won’t stop the air or light and stop people from getting in or out of the house through them. 

Garage Door

It’s much easier to hide in the garage because it has a lot of storage and, most likely, a vehicle. The thief can hide under the car or behind some storage boxes. This makes garages one of the best places to enter a house for a thief. 

Make sure you have a good garage door that is not easily opened. If someone does manage to open it, you should at least get a notification. Even if the thief doesn’t come inside the house, they might just take the car. 

In Your Absence

The best time for thieves to enter a house is daytime when you are not home. The night is actually riskier since people are expecting danger. This is why they prefer to make an opportunity of the short time window when you are not home during the day.


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