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Flute Lesson for Beginners: Learn the Basics of Instrument in 2022

 Flute is a wooden instrument, a viral source for providing the highest notes in an orchestra. A small musical instrument is played by blowing air into a hole located on the top of the instrument.

The flute has been around for centuries and is still popular today. It’s widely used in classical music, but can also be found in other genres, including; jazz and pop.

Playing flute is not easier like piano as it requires strong breath control and correct posture. Once you get a grip on an instrument and perfect your embouchure, all you have to do is press the keys for changing notes.

If you’re interested in learning flute lessons for beginners, take this enlightening post as an opening guide. It’ll take you through the initial phase of learning, telling the basics of the instrument, and how to hold and produce a sound.

Basics of Flute – Elementary Rule & Procedures of Playing Flute

Type & Sizes

The flute comes in plenty of types, but the most common is the concert flute. The concert flute is the standard type of flute used in orchestras and bands, and it is made of metal and has a range of about three octaves.

Flutes come in different sizes, but the most common size is the C flute. The C flute is tuned to the key of C and has a range of about two and a half octaves.

How to hold & Play flute?

The better you hold, the better you play. The correct way to hold the flute is to put your left hand on the upper part of the flute, and your right hand on the lower part. You will also need to support the flute with your chin.

Keep in mind that the right posture will let you play it comfortably. Let your fingers curve gently over the top of the keys taking the slightest pressure. Do not put your whole fingertip over the key; only think of your fingertips as an extension of your hand.

When you get a grip and start playing, release your shoulders and elbows, so you don’t feel tired right after start playing.

Assemble Your Flute

When you buy a flute, you’ll need to assemble it. This instrument gets complete with three pieces containing; the head & joint, the body – joint & foot – joint.

Put all parts together, but do not twist or turn unnecessarily as this might damage the parts.

Do Mouth Exercises

To become fluent in playing flute, first, you need to strengthen your skills. Good breathing techniques and a healthy mouth; all this instrument takes for smooth playing. Do some exercises regularly to strengthen your techniques.

For example, practice saying ‘twenty turtles’ numerous times like a tongue twister; this will help you naturally become fluent in playing a flute.

Playing Flute

Put your lips together and blow air into the flute to play the flute. You can start by fingering C scale. The C scale comprises the notes C, D, E, F, G, A, and B.

You must first put your lips together and blow air into the hole located on the instrument’s top. The air will vibrate the flute’s reed, which produces a sound. You can change the sound pitch by fingering the holes located on the flute.

Learn Your Notes Quickly

Beginners usually find it challenging to learn all music notes at once. Take them one by one and keep revising as you move forward. Try learning them in a logical order to memorize them more quickly.

For instance, start learning A, B flat, and then come to C. You can download the practice sheets from the internet to strengthen your memory. I know, you’ll take a pause from this post, and will search for, best flute lessons near me in Tucson right?

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