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Best Cello Lesson: Learn the Common Mistakes in 2022

Playing cello is not a piece of cake! Though it’s the most joyful musical instrument one would cherish playing, but it can also ruin all fun if you miss out on the right technique to play it.

 If you’re looking for the best cello lessons in Tucson, then first you need to learn most common mistakes beginners often make while learning how to play the cello.

Learning such useful content stuff before taking a step for any online music lessons help in creating an understanding of it. The lesson is not how you learn to play music, rather what things and information you learn before “learning any particular music lesson” to make your first attempt a successful one.

Following are the common mistakes you need to beware of!

Mistake 1 – Holding the cello wrong

You won’t like to get out of rhythm, do you? For this reason, beware of holding cello in the right position, because holding cello wrongly can completely disturb the rhythm. This makes the biggest mistakes for beginners.

 When holding cello, rest it on your left shoulder and make sure the cello is parallel to the floor. Your left hand should be underneath the neck of the cello, and your right hand should be near the scroll.

Mistake 2 – Holding the bow incorrectly

Another common mistake that beginners make is holding the bow incorrectly, and this usually results in poor sound quality. It can be quite uncomfortable as well. Be sure to hold the bow correctly by following the instructions in your cello lesson book.

Mistake 3 – Not using the right technique

 There are many different techniques that cellists can use when playing the cello, and beginners often mistake not using the right technique, and this can lead to poor sound quality or even injuries.

Mistake 4 – Too much bow

Beginners tend to use a lot of bows on everything and an equal amount. As a matter of fact, the faster the notes, the less bow you use, and so longer notes. But don’t use them equally; just try to be more succinct and avoid using an excessive bow.

The reason is that using too many bows can produce a kind of fluffy sound which brings to another cause mentioned in another mistake.

Mistake 5 – Bowing too hard

When you first start playing cello, it’s tempting to blow too hard to produce a louder sound. However, this can damage the cello and make it challenging to produce a clear tone. Instead, focus on using light, even bow strokes.

Mistake 6 – Not using the correct fingers

When you start out, it is easy to get confused about which fingers to use when playing the cello. Use the correct fingerings by consulting your cello lesson book or teacher.

Remember, when you will take a cello lesson online, you might find it hard to catch and copy your instructor while making the right use of your fingers. Watch videos or guidelines on using fingers while playing the cello for right finger placements.

Mistake 7 – Not using vibrato

Vibrato is an essential technique for cellists to add expression to their playing. Experiment with different vibratos to find what works best for you.

Mistake 8 – Using a Crocked bow

At times, people use crocked bow while playing the cello. The right way is for the bow to be right in the middle. You can keep a mirror to help you. Remember, each string looks a little differently, so it might look crocked from your angle, but it can be straight from another direction.

This is due to the angle of the string, which is different, so adjust accordingly.

Mistake 9 – Funny Grow grip

Make sure the right-hand position is correct; many beginners sometimes hold the ball too much in a weird position. The best way to figure out whether you’re holding it correctly is to make sure it looks natural. The fingers should be perpendicular with slight pronation, and the thumb slightly bent in the back.

If you see anything where it sticks out, like your wrist or your elbow is sticking out, that means your hand is not correct. If you didn’t feel anything sticking out and unnatural, this is the high you need. You figure out the natural way to play because that’s how the cello is playing as you want to feel it.

Mistake 10 – Gripping the bow too tightly & straining

The gripping tight bow will not only make your muscles tired, but it will also affect the sound of your playing. Relax your grip and let the bow do the work.

If you’re straining to reach the strings, you’re likely to end up with a cramp. Adjust your cello so that you can comfortably reach all the strings.

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