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Reasons to Wear Flip-Flop this Monsoon Season

With all that lush vegetation and the pleasant scent of petrichor filling the air, there is something alluring about nature during the monsoon season which cheers us up. However, going outside is a bit difficult during monsoons. 

Therefore, we consider a water-resistant raincoat, and umbrella to be safe from getting drenched. Another consideration we make is to wear good quality footwear to keep your feet dry and comfortable. 

However, shoes are never treated well during the rainy season, either because the material deteriorates or because mud from the puddle attaches to them. As a result, when monsoon season approaches, we all begin seeking shoes that can withstand the rain without hindering all of its advantages. Here is what we believe to be the best application, though. 

In the monsoon, adding a pair of flip-flop chappals to your shoe collection is a fit! You should try to dress in monsoon-appropriate attire that is simple to take off, simple to dry, and simple to put on. 

And, flip flops can be a perfect choice because they are practical and simple to wear, and they also dry quickly. Read on to understand some promising benefits of wearing chappals for men during monsoons.

First things first, What are the different types of flip-flops available in the market?

  • Plastic Flip-flops

The plastic version of flip-flops is the most durable. Since plastic is a flexible material, you can witness different sizes, shapes, and patterns of plastic flip-flops. In contrast to foam or rubber, the pattern on plastic is long-lasting as well.

  • Rubber Flip-flops

Rubber flip-flops’ elasticity and anti-slip qualities are responsible for their adaptability, making them perfect for users both on and off the water. Hence, they can be a great choice to wear during the monsoon season. 

  • Foam Flip-flops

They are perfect for a casual family walk because they are so comfy to wear. Furthermore, due to foam, they are slightly softer than those made of rubber but other than that, they are identical.

After getting insights into the types of flip-flops, let’s move on to the reasons for selecting them during the rainy season.

Benefits of Flip Flops During Monsoons

  • Flip-flops dry quickly and are comfortable in the water

A wide selection of vibrant rubber flip-flops is available in the market and online store. Wearing these is ideal for a laid-back day out. The flip-flop is an excellent piece of footwear for walking on muddy paths during the rainy season.

  • No worries about wet socks and shoes

Wearing ordinary shoes means spending the entire day in socks and shoes in addition to being wet. Foot issues like these are terrible for your feet. Hence, considering flip-flops can be a wise decision as they can help dry your feet and shoes. 

  • They can be styled with almost anything

Flip-flops go well with almost anything, so you may pair them with a range of monsoon-inspired ensembles. Even just one pair of flip-flops that goes with your monsoon apparel would be ideal, though you may need several pairs that you can alternate between.

These are the reasons why you must wear flip-flops in monsoons and flaunt your style to others. Choose from different styles, types, and colours to look appealing. 

Furthermore, explore different retailers and buy from the ones offering the best flip flops for men and women.

For instance, you can explore some top footwear manufacturers in India like Relaxo. They have good quality flip flops to withstand harsh temperatures or climatic conditions. Plus, branded flip flops come with credit and assurance to satisfy your needs efficiently. You can try branded footwear for comfortable walks at home or outdoors. 


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