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Expert Assignment Help Blog around the Different Aspects of Anatomy

Anatomy is a difficult subject to study, and therefore, the completion of its assignments also becomes a hectic task for the students. As it requires to have the appropriate subject knowledge to prosper in its assignments as well as in the academics. Hence, our expert assignment help providers have written down this blog to provide you with a brief insight into anatomy and its types. 

What is Anatomy?

According to the expert assignment helpers, anatomy is the study of internal body parts. It is a sub-division of biology that assists in gaining an explicit explanation of each and every interior body organ. This is the reason why anatomy is divided into three different parts: 

  1. Animal Anatomy
  2. Plant Anatomy
  3. Human Anatomy

Many times, this subject of science (anatomy) often gets confused with the studies of psychology. But, there lies a huge difference between them. Anatomy is for the studies of the internal body parts of a human being. On the other hand, psychology is the study of the functions that distinct body parts perform. 

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Anatomy consists of two main parts mentioned below: 

  1. Gross/ Macroscopic Anatomy
  2. Microscopic Anatomy

Below given is the description of both these types, explained by the top quality assignment provider experts. Read it out to enhance your knowledge and to make excellent assignments. 

  1. Macroscopic Anatomy: It is the type of anatomy that studies those internal parts of the body that are easily visible to the naked eyes. Dissection has been an important part of macroscopic anatomy previously. However, the innovation of innovative scientific tools and instruments has made macroscopic anatomy easier. It became easier through small openings in the outer body or by applying medical devices to the outer body. 
  1. Microscopic Anatomy: It is the study of tissues and cell structures that form a particular organ. Cytology/ cellular biology is the study of cells, and histology is the study of tissues. 

There is a requirement for numerous types of microscopic instruments for conducting microscopic studies. The instruments include a simple microscope, electron microscope, compound microscope, etc. Apart from this, the microscopic samples of tissues and cells taken from particular areas help to study the microscopic anatomy of particular organs. 

Anatomy is further classified on the basis of the systems in the living body. A few of them are explained by the expert assignment help providers below. 

Sub-Classification of Anatomy 

  1. Digestive System: The study of organs that consists of digestion, absorption and excretion of food is covered under the digestive system. The organs covered under it start from the mouth and end at the intestine. 
  1. Immune System: The other name for it is the defence system. All the organs under this system offer protection against bacteria, viruses, fungus and other infections that enter inside the body of human beings and disturb its normal functioning. 
  1. Integumentary System: This consists of the layer that covers the entire body from the outside and stays in direct contact with all the environmental factors. Nails, hair, skin, etc., are all part of this system. 
  1. Respiratory System: All those organs that are involved in the process of respiration fall under this system. The 3 key parts of this system are muscles, lungs and airways. 
  1. Skeletal System: The study of bones and joints is covered under the skeletal system. Therefore, this system is helpful to protect and attach distinct body parts. 

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These were the basics of the sub-classification of anatomy. If you want to complete an in-depth study about the same, then you can seek assistance from the experts to do my assignment in Australia.


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