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Everything to Know About Automotive Glass Replacement

Automotive glass or simply auto glass are pieces of glass that are used to cover different parts of your automobile. If you own a car or any vehicle for that matter, you could become all angsty. From the engine to the glasses, everything is vulnerable to different accidents and wreckage. While some incidents are inevitable, you can still cut yourself some slack since automobile glass replacement and repair can come in handy when there’s a need. Here are the things you need to know about auto glasses.

Auto Glass Evolution

Windshields were not standard equipment when vehicles were initially created. Instead, the driver would use goggles to shield their eyes from fast winds and any type of dirt while on the road. However, the earliest auto glass that was installed many years after the invention of automobiles wasn’t toughened glass and didn’t serve any function for the protection of vehicle occupants.

Henry Ford, the pioneer of affordable automobiles, had a brilliant idea to optimize windshield design. In his concept, two pieces of glass would be attached by cellulose, essentially clasping the glass and any broken pieces together in the event of an accident. The cellulose, however, would eventually turn discolored making driving uncomfortable. This resulted in further evolution, bringing us to contemporary designs.

Types of Auto Glasses

There are different components of a vehicle. The glasses used to enclose your automobiles can also be distinct. There are six different types of auto glass on a typical vehicle:

  • Windshield
  • Front Door
  • Rear Door
  • Vent
  • Quarter
  • Back or Rear Windshield Glass

Windshield Auto Glass

A windshield is without a doubt the most important type of auto glass. Besides shielding you from wind, it provides a considerable amount of roof support and structural integrity to your vehicle. The airbags on the passenger side deploy on collision or any crash and your windshield provides a backstop to make them function efficiently.

Windshields further add to improve the visibility of the roads ahead. It is made from laminated glass for additional safety.

Front and Rear Door Auto Glass

Front and rear auto glasses are made from tempered auto glass. The two glasses differ in size and tint. The reason for the difference in the tinting between the two glasses is that the front glasses need to have access to ample light to be able to have an undistorted view of the road. Anything that obstructs the view or reduces the transmission of light is to be avoided.

Vent and Quarter Auto Glass

Vent and quarter glasses are present on the sides of the vehicle, typically beside the rear door glasses. The function of these is to help the drivers see the surrounding areas effortlessly. The make and model of a car decide the size and shape of these glasses. This could make determining the size all the more strenuous.

Back or Rear Windshield Auto Glass

This windshield is also made from tempered glasses. It has lines engraved on it that act as defrosters. These lines are small wires that are built into the glass to remove condensation in no time.

Since auto glasses constitute an essential part of your automobile, they employ more attention and regular maintenance.



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