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Essential Tips for Ensuring Electrical Safety in Your Household

Many people enjoy the amazing array of benefits that come with using               electric power. Heating, cooling, entertainment and communication are all possible using innovative electrical devices that are becoming more and more sophisticated day by day. However, many people are simply not aware of the fact that in countries such as Australia there were nearly 1100 hospitalized cases in a two year period, with nearly 73% cases stemming from domestic appliances and machinery. This is usually because people either cannot identify electrical hazards, or they do not know how to act once there is an active electrical malfunction. Luckily, there are a few things that you can implement right now in order to prepare. Here are some of the most useful tips for ensuring electrical safety in your household.

Replace damaged electrical cords

Damaged cords are usually brushed off as being not that big of a deal. People will attempt to reuse faulty electrical cords simply because they do not notice the signs of any damage. If you happen to be using a lot of extension cords, there is a good chance that you have very few wall outlets. In this case you should call a qualified electrician to install more wall outlets. A professional Brisbane electrician can help you with any electrical outlet and powerpoints that could be troubling you, even if it is an emergency. In addition, you should inspect each extension cord for any indications of cracking or fraying. This is especially true of extension cords that have not been used for a very long time. If you do notice any of these signs make sure to replace the entire cord since there is very little that you can do with it.

Carefully store your cords

One of the most common misconceptions about electrical devices is that they do not pose any danger when they are unplugged, and although it is certainly true that they pose no immediate threat people still have to pay extra attention to how and where they store their electrical devices. For instance, it is crucially important to properly store your cords. You can do this by keeping the cords out of kids’ reach, since kids could potentially damage the insulation or even play around with the cords while they are plugged in. In addition, look for any rodents or even your pets that could potentially bite through the cords leaving the wires exposed. This is one of the most common causes of electrical shocks and household fires. Moreover, do not wrap the cords too tightly so as to avoid stretching the cord and causing overheating because of it. Your cords should never be in contact with hot surfaces either.

Do not overload your outlets

One other common mistake that people make is that they overuse extension cords and multi-outlet converters for appliances. This can easily overload the main outlet and cause a wide range of issues such as overheating and sudden power surges. In order to check that your outlets are in optimal condition make sure to see if they are cool to the touch. In addition, a well-functioning outlet is going to have protective faceplates. You can also prevent overloading by plugging only one heat-producing appliance at a time. Use smart plugs if you have to plug in several appliances at once. They will turn off any appliances if there is a sudden change in temperature. Also, remember that power strips only add outlets and do not increase the actual amount of power.

Unplug inactive devices

There is a natural tendency to forget about things that seem trivial and unimportant. That is exactly how people forget to unplug their appliances when they are not in use. This might seem inconvenient at first, but it is worth considering the risk factors associated with keeping electrical devices constantly plugged in. This simple electrical safety tip will also help you save a lot of money in the long run, because you won’t be experiencing any phantom drain, which is the energy the device pulls even when it is turned off. Unplugging unused appliances is the best thing that you can do to prevent overheating and sudden power surges as well. 

Pay attention to overheating issues

In addition, you should also consider providing sufficient air flow to your electrical equipment as this will minimize overheating and allow power consumption to be optimal. This means that closed cabinets, tight corners and stacked devices are definitely things you should avoid.

Electricity has given rise to many amazing possibilities. However, this should not include the recorded increases in electrical incidents as well. That is why you should: replace damaged cords, store them carefully, avoid overloading the outlets, unplug inactive devices and pay attention to any issues with overheating.

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