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Luxury Black Lavender Shawl for Women

For centuries cashmere was woven into pashmina black lavender floral shawl and worn. This enabled the cottage industry and art of cashmere pashmina grow even more over time. The production also benefited from the support and enthusiasm of Mughal rulers like Akbar and his successors. And also because the local administration has always had the will. To develop this art and craft for local productions to begin with. The threads used in the manufacture of this luxurious fabric called “cashmere”. Indeed come from the belly of the Himalayan mountain goats. Which live in the in the high regions of the Tibetan plateau, Kashmir and Nepal. They are in all case the original production sites. The fineness of this wool gives Indian scarf better insulation for the harsh climate.

Pashmina For Women

Which define the colors in vogue by season. The patterns made on a pashmina demands high standards. And rigor but also innovation with constantly renewed collections and Indian cashmere pattern. Scarves constantly reinvented according to fashion inspiration. The black pashmina, the red pashmina and the camel pashmina beige being the most sought after. Masculine and feminine, the pashmina is unisex and suitable for all your uses. As a scarf or a shawl, in summer as in winter, it is a timeless item. The white pashmina is a very popular item during ceremonies such as a wedding.

Weaving Pashmina

To make a pashmina wool or silk fiber must be transformed. From a raw material that comes in the form of threads to the finished product. The coloring of the fiber, which is called dyeing, is done before weaving in order to standardize the color. The importance of this step is to define the quality of the shawl. It’s resistance to both bad weather but also to daily use. Silky and robust are the key words used to define these pashminas with soft fringes. For more softness, the mixture of silk, viscose and wool brings even more well-being when worn.

Recognize Real Pashmina

The technique of the ring! You will hear many stories claiming that a real cashmere shawl must fit within the diameter of a ring. This is a fake consumer trick, because cashmere can be of good quality without being able to pass through a ring. In fact, the ring shawl is made from pure “shahtoosh” and not cashmere. These fibers come from Tibetan antelopes which have even finer hair than cashmere goats. This antelope has been protected since 1979 and only one state in northern India can still sell this wool. As much to tell you that it is a rare and very expensive wool and IT IS ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED. Here are some tips to recognize a real pashmina from a fake.

Handwoven Cashmere Pashmina

Pashminas are very useful because they allow you to be warm and create. A look in any circumstance and in all seasons. A scarf wear as a shawl pashmina will also complete your outfit. You will therefore enjoy wearing your pashmina scarf for. A fashion effect or simply to protect yourself from the cold of the winter season. When the temperature drops you will therefore be extremely comfortable. During the cold season and in summer you will also have a nice shawl. To put on your shoulder to protect you from a light gust of wind or from the coolness of the evening. In all styles and all effects that will delight your daily life. And bring a touch of softness to your wardrobe.

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