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Effective Treatment For Paralysis or Stroke In Kerala

A sudden interruption in the supply of blood to the brain causes a stroke. When stroke happens due to lack of supply of blood to the brain, it is termed as an ischemic stroke. When disruption of blood supply is due to bleeding inside the brain, medically such a stroke is a hemorrhagic stroke. In either event, brain cells are damaged or even die due to lack of blood supply in them. Stroke calls for urgent medical attention and is declared as an emergency condition. Damage to the brain cells affects some part of the body that connects to the damaged cells. This causes dysfunction or lack of function to the relevant body part. This is known as paralysis. Strokes are also one of the major causes of deaths in India. It is therefore essential that you are aware of the symptoms of a stroke so as to take prompt action. FAST is an acronym that is easily memorised as symptomatic of a stroke. F = Face drooping, A = ARM disability (to lift), S = SPEECH getting slurred or incoherent, and, T = TIME i.e. the essence of treatment lies in fast call for medical attention. Timely medical attention not only saves life, but it also helps keep damage to brain cells to a minimum.

Treatment for stroke / paralysis

Effectiveness of treatment for stroke is critically dependent on the time between the event and the start of treatment. Each stroke event is unique in itself as each affects a different part of the brain. There may be mild strokes that recover fast, and, there are also severe ones that leave a strong impact on speech, vision, motor abilities like walking, moving and even swallowing food. 

Physical examination, ECG, CT Scan, MRI, Brain Angiogram, Carotid Ultrasound and of course blood tests are likely to be done immediately at the hospital to determine the nature and extent of the impact of the stroke and the paralysed body part. Physical, occupational and speech therapy are some of the types of therapies that aid recovery. The recovery process from paralysis is often long and requires patience and perseverance. Haemorrhagic strokes may need surgery for removal of blood clots before rehabilitation therapy commences. 

The Kerala Way to treat stroke / paralysis

Stroke treatment in Kerala is based on strong Ayurveda practices. Treatment for paralysis under Ayurveda aims at removing what their texts state as a block in the movement of Vaatas. Stroke treatment in Kerala commences with diagnostic studies for defining the stroke conditions Pakshaghata, Paksha Vata and Ekanga Vata as per Vata Vyadhi in Ayurveda. Facial paralysis or Ardita Vata follows a separate treatment process. Based on the ayurvedic diagnosis, and, according to the condition of the patient, therapies in the Panchakarma way, are adopted. 

Kerala therapy practices for stroke or paralysis also adopt anti-Vata medical formulations, medicated oils and special enema therapy that clear blocks, cleanse toxins and other disturbing elements from different channels and help normalise the blood supply to the brain.  

Based on the condition of the patient, a potent mix of classical Panchakarma therapies, vasty, thalam and nyasam modalities and neuro rehabilitation are applied. 

Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) treatment is another Kerala stroke treatment that is fast being spoken of across the world. This treatment increases the flow of blood in the brain for those affected by ischemic stroke. It is non-invasive i.e. without any cuts or incisions. This means it is lower in both cost and risk and also consumes little time for recovery. 

There are several good doctors and institutions for paralysis or stroke treatment across Kerala. You will find several of them listed on the Bajaj Finserv Health platform. You may even book appointment online at your selected centre directly through the platform.

Which to adopt

There are but limited ways that conventional treatment approaches stroke or paralysis. Kerala has several centres that offer alternative therapy with the claim that thousands have benefitted from the treatment. Kerala treatment as an adjunctive therapy for complete cure may well be a permanent solution for stroke or paralysis patients.

Prevention – the last word

A vast majority of strokes are preventable. In prevention, you cannot do much about factors like age, family history of stroke, race, gender etc. But, you do have the means in hand to control high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, your smoking habit, diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, lack of exercise, obesity, alcohol and drug intake and food habits including diet. Remember the adage -Prevention is better than cure? It is of course much better than treating a stroke post occurrence. 


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