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3 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

As your loved ones get older, their bodies will start to change and may not be able to do all the things that they use to be able to. For some, it is their physical health that will deteriorate. Their bodies tend to slow down, they may have a few more health problems, and their bones and muscles are not as strong. But from some, it is their mental health that will deteriorate. They may not even seem to be the same person that you used to love. Dementia is a decrease in your mental ability and the most common cause of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is when memory and mental functions are lost. If you have a loved one that may be experiencing this, The Gables is a great option for in-home care. Below are some common signs of Alzheimer’s.

Memory Loss

The most common sign of Alzheimer’s is memory loss. Everyone forgets things here and there, but with this disease, they are consistently forgetting things. It may even be things such as appointments, conversations, and events. As it progresses, it can turn into things such as their children’s names, where they live, or common words and phrases. It can be alarming to their loved ones as they begin to forget more and more common items and places. When it becomes more advanced, they may not even recognize their spouse and think they are a stranger. It is a confusing time for those with the disease but can be painful for their loved ones to watch.

Decisions and Awareness

As their mental health decreases, their ability to think clearly and make decisions becomes difficult. They may still be able to make decisions, but they may lose their ability to think about their decisions logically. For example, basing their clothing choices on the weather. They may not be able to think that all the way through and wear shorts in the middle of winter. This will also affect their awareness of social interactions. It is not uncommon for them to not register social cues or what is appropriate to say while in public. They may say things that they shouldn’t, get too close to others, or act out because they simply do not remember what is and is not appropriate in public.

Changes in Personality

With Alzheimer’s, their brain is changing which causes them to lose their memory and decision-making skills but it affects their personality. Their past experiences make up a large part of who they are, without those and the changes in their brain their personality is going to change. Along with their personality, their behavior is bound to change as well. They may become more aggressive, have mood swings, and have irritability. They might lose their desire to be social, have an increase in depression, and not trust others. It is common for them to start to wander and their sleeping habits can have drastic changes. With all of these potential changes, it can easily feel that your loved one is no longer there.


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