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Drift Hunters MAX: Feed Your Desire for Drift

If you’re a fan of racing games on console or PC, you know that the standard of quality is set very high. Games on those platforms are huge, multi-year development projects with massive budgets, so they need to recuperate those costs with a price tag that is discouragingly steep for some. 

If you don’t have the cash in your bank account to pick up a $60 game, you don’t have to give up on your favorite hobby. There are all kinds of games out there that can be enjoyed, and one of them is Drift Hunters MAX, a free-to-play drifting simulator that is full of content and features that rival even those full games.

If this sounds good to you, here are a few more features that should put Drift Hunters MAX on your list.

Console-Quality Graphics

Drift Hunters MAX is a web game that runs entirely within your browser. However, that doesn’t mean it is a simple looking or playing experience. The original Drift Hunters was a decent enough-looking game, but Drift Hunters MAX ups the ante considerably.

It boasts high-quality lighting, high-resolution textures, and 3D models that push the boundaries of what you would expect from a game that runs on just about anything. If you want a game that looks as good as it plays, Drift Hunters MAX is right up there.

Completely Free with Cloud Saves

Drift Hunters MAX is available exclusively on The team at Drifted approached the creator of the original Drift Hunters game to make an updated version, especially for them, and what they got is a game that is improved over its original by orders of magnitude. 

Drift Hunters MAX not only has completely overhauled graphics, but it also has an advanced cloud save feature made possible by its simple account system. Play for a while, close your session and pick up wherever you left off any other computer.

MAX will keep track of your progress, unlocks, and tunings without skipping a beat.

Tons of Cars and Tracks

You’ll be grateful for those cloud saves when you start to unlock all of the cars in Drift Hunters MAX. There are 37 total, so you’ll be spending quite some time stacking up drift points to add the later ones to your collection. 

Each of those 37 cars is a highly-detailed 3D model that takes inspiration from actual sports cars. A souped-up car doesn’t mean much without a place to see what it can do, and thankfully Drift Hunters MAX has 12 tracks for you to play on.


If you get bored with the look of any or all of your cars, you can take them to your garage and customize them in a number of different ways. GIve it a new paint job, change its stance, or give it a few aftermarket parts to spice up its performance. It’s all up to you, but Drift Hunters MAX gives you plenty of options.

After you’ve checked out Drift Hunters MAX, you should also go and check out the original Drift Hunters game. It doesn’t have all of the features of MAX, but it is still a fun game.


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