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Does Amethyst Crystal Pendant equally works as Chakra does?

Amethyst Crystal is a powerful gemstone that has been in use for centuries as a protective charm against negative energy, evil spirits, and physical harm. In ancient times it was worn as an amulet, because Amethysts stones were considered to be protective against plagues, illness, and retarded individuals.

Many don’t know that Amethyst crystals are also used as an aid to meditation, as well as developing psychic abilities like, telepathy. Amazingly, it’s widely used in activating crown chakra, the highest chakra in the human body.

 This chakra is responsible for our connection to the divine and higher spiritual realms. When it is open and activated, we can access more of our intuition and psychic abilities. Amethyst crystal jewelry can help promote spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Since it’s highly concerned with activating chakra, it would be exciting to learn the considerable contrast of varying properties, uses, & advantages of wearing chakra necklace and Amethyst crystal pendants

Let’s see what changes both bring in the wearer’s life.

Unique Properties of Chakra Necklace & Amethyst Crystal – What Influence Both Make in Individual’s Life?

The Chakra Necklace consists of seven stones that represents seven Chakras in our body. The Amethyst Crystal Pendant, on the other hand, is known to have a cleansing, purifying effect. 

Both amethyst and chakra necklace can be used for promoting relaxation and stress relief, but amethyst is more helpful in fighting against addiction, headaches, and insomnia. Whereas, chakra jewelry is used for specific purposes and amethyst in general.

Wearing both chakra and amethyst in various jewelry items can eventually make you feel complete again. If one balances body chakras, so another one aligns your body and mind to a higher level of consciousness.

Rare Facts about Amethyst Crystal Pendants – How does it feel wearing it?

The gemstone is also said to be helpful in relieving stress and anxiety. It can calm the mind and create a sense of peace and serenity. And, it’s also thought to be helpful in protecting wearer from negative energies and spirits. 

It can shield the aura and create a protective sphere around you so that only positive vibes surround you. Amethyst crystal jewelry can be worn as a pendant or bracelet to achieve these benefits.

However, it can also address a few medical/physical conditions such as;

  • Muscle spasms
  • Insomnia
  • Skin problems
  • Boost immune system
  • Reducing headache 
  • Reduces arthritis pain, stomach problems, & other types of chronic pain.

 It can also help in dealing with addictions such as alcoholism and drug abuse.

What Particular Sentiments Does Amethyst Crystal Denote?

The amethyst gemstone is usually associated with; love, calmness, kindness, hope, generosity, compassion, serenity. It can help you to become more patient, forgiving, tolerant, and generous towards others.

Moreover, wearing amethyst crystal pendants can be effective for those who are engaged in spiritual or artistic pursuits, as it encourages focus and discipline. It can be worn by either men or women, although it is most commonly associated with women.

Thus, wearing this crystal jewelry can bring harmony to the wearer’s life. Amethyst crystal jewelry can also promote courage, determination, and focus in its wearer. This is achieved by activating the crown chakra, which clears your mind of all distractions and enables you to concentrate on achieving your goals. 

Only selective pendants can be effective, not necessary at all! Even a raw crystal ring can serve a purpose. How? Here’s a look;

Raw Crystal rings: Is it used for fashion only or serves a specific purpose?

The raw crystal rings have a lot of benefits that people can enjoy. Some people might wear it for fashion, but it also has other purposes. One of its main purposes is to help with energy. It helps to clear and balance the energy in the body, which is why a lot of people wear it to help them feel better. It can also help to increase intuition and creativity.

Crystal rings can be highly beneficial in providing extra energy to you. People who wear them often enjoy better health and happiness.

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