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DIY Cigarette Ashtray Making With Empty Cigarette Boxes

Even after the nice efforts of the govt. To ban smoking, the employment of tobacco products and cigarette consumption keeps increasing among all ages. Every day, various cigarette brands are being introduced within the market. One of the most important reasons people are attracted to cigarettes is their attractive packaging. Cigarette boxes wholesale are easy to customize. They’re designed in various patterns and color variations. Introducing new features like foil coats, embossing, and metallic labels has increased their market demand by attracting multiple individuals. With the advancements in printing, manufacturers have worked on the packaging design of cigarette boxes to create them more appealing. You’ll also buy cigarette boxes online for your brand at cost-effective rates.

 DIY Cigarette Boxes:

 The cigarette boxes are designed so attractively that sometimes the smokers don’t think about throwing them away. If you’ve ever come upon a smoker, you may have seen a variety of empty cigarette boxes lying in an exceeding corner of his room or a drawer. A variety of crafts might be made up of empty cigarette boxes. One amongst them may be a cigarette ashtray. Forming a DIY ashtray out of empty flip-top cigarette boxes is a great idea. You’ll design it in any shape, sort of a square, rectangle, triangle, hexagon, or circle. We are visiting to discuss the circular shape as it is the most complex one.

 Materials required:

 • A piece of cardboard

 • Strong adhesive glue

 • Cutter

 • Compass

 • Scale

 • Aluminum foil paper

 • Empty cigarette boxes

 • Pencil

 Step 1: Make the bottom.

 The first step of the method is to create the bottom of the ashtray. For this purpose, you required a chunk of cardboard. Draw a circle on that employing a compass. You’ll be able to take it 6-inches or smaller or larger than you need. Take a cutter and carefully cut the circle, as shown in the picture.

 Step 2: Cut and Stick the Heads of Cigarette Boxes

 You need empty flip-top cigarette boxes. Cut their heads and begin sticking them with glue, as shown in the picture. Remember that you have to fix the heads within the circular form to create a curve. Stick them densely. You’ll also be able to take the assistance of the bottom you chop to create them in an exceedingly circular shape.

 Step 3: Stick the Head’s Circle to the bottom

 The next step is to stay in the heads’ circle with the bottom you made previously. Use a powerful adhesive and put some weight to keep them firmly. If you wish to extend the peak and capacity of the ashtray, you’ll add another heads circle on that.

 Step 4: Prepare the tin foil Paper.

 Now you would like foil paper because it protects the cardboard base and the head circle from catching the cigarette fire. In keeping with the diameter of the head’s circle, put a circle on the aluminum sheet. It’s approximately 5 inches in this case. Then cut the aluminum paper into 5×5 inches square shaped as you have got to stick them to the walls of the circular head. Just be sure of 1 thing, the size of aluminum squares and circles should be per the scale of the bottom and heads you’ve made.

 Step 5: Paste aluminum foil Paper onto the Circle

 Paste the aluminum circle within the inner part of the bottom. Once it gets fixed, paste glue on the walls of a circular head. Now stick 5×5 inches square pieces. You will also use some old newspaper to use pressure so that the adhesive is applied firmly to the inner side. Leave it to dry a few times.

 Step 6: Cover the Outer part of the pinnacle.

 Once the cigarette ashtray gets dry from within, cover the outer part of the pinnacle circle from the outside. You’ll be able to use any quiet paper to wrap it, but tin foil is the most recommended one because it makes your ashtray secure and doesn’t turn. You’ll cover it half the peak or as you wish. This can be to feature more grace to that. Your DIY cigarette ashtray from empty cigarette boxes is prepared to use.


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