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Discover what people are saying about you online

People say lots of things about almost everything. Most of these comments are never seen or heard by the companies that they’re made about, and many are never seen or heard by anyone else given that they’re buried in an obscure blog post somewhere and there’s no easy way to access them. But now with Discover what people are saying about you, you can easily find the things people are saying about your business online and respond directly to the people who said them.

In this day and age, there’s almost no escaping what people say about you on the internet. But even in 2018, it can be difficult to determine what is being said about your own business online. You could spend some time searching Google and come across a whole host of so-called companies offering to complete just such a search for you, but is that really how you want to approach identifying what people are saying about your business? I don’t think so.

When was the last time you searched for your name online? If you’re like most people, it’s been a long time. It’s convenient to constantly stay connected with everything going on in the world through social media, but checking yourself and your business online is one of the best ways to maintain a strong reputation as industry experts. Whether it’s managing negative comments on Facebook or removing offensive images from Instagram, businesses across services such as social media, SEO, and more need to keep things in check.

Manage corporate compliance risks

Corporate compliance risks are serious and can cause huge losses to your company. Those risks are generally associated with the following areas: Director’s duties and liabilities, Employment, Data protection (Information security), Health and Safety (Occupational Health & Safety)

Corporate risk management isn’t quite a hot topic on the Internet, heck I bet there aren’t even 100 posts on the subject out there. So that’s what I’m here for and this is my list of the tools and information you need to build/manage/maintain a corporate risk plan. I’ll be going more in-depth later with each of these tools and resources so stay tuned! Legal Software

Corporate malfeasance is an expensive affair. In the worst cases, corporations end up paying seven-figure fines and hiring expensive external consultants to keep them out of trouble with regulators. The costs associated with regulatory compliance have a particularly pernicious impact on small firms that cannot afford in-house legal counsel to provide guidance. For example, the act not only requires extensive resources from in-house counsel but also requires outside accounting firms to certify the accuracy of corporate financial disclosures. Today, corporate compliance is such a big part of running a business that even your local pizza shop has to deal with complex regulations like the one that protects whistle-blowers. PPC for Law Firms

Legal Software is for the legal department, by the legal department

We all know law firms are becoming more tech-savvy. A few years ago though, law firms were largely behind on adopting technology for the office. Today, however, legal technology has greatly advanced and is quickly shaping the future of legal operations.

Straight from the horse’s (or is it the lawyers?) mouth, Legal Sourced by Incisive Law is for the legal department. Built by a team of 20+ legal professionals including attorneys and technologists, Legal Sourced by Incisive Law is changing how the legal profession purchases and uses technology.


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