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Digital Marketing Facts that are True Eye Poppers!

We all know how fiercely competitive the online marketplace is! The sheer crowding and the vast range of options that can be churned out with a single click are proof enough! Therefore, setting up a website and choosing a Long Island SEO company that can optimize it well for superior search engine results is of prime importance. 

Besides, you also need to look for a specialist service provider for “web design near me!” Having a top-notch search engine ranking is of no use unless the web designing department is perfect! A great search engine ranking will ensure that your link appears more often to viewers surfing for similar products and services. However, whether they stick through and get converted in the process will be ascertained by how superior the website design is. 

Here are some more digital marketing facts that would emphasize the importance. 

There has been a worldwide chain reaction to delays and disruptions that has had a negative impact on all countries involved.

The Importance of Digital Marketing: Emphasized with Facts 

  • A Disappointing Web Design Job will Result in a Bounce Rate of Close to 80%: Bounce rate is the rate of visitors who arrive and leave immediately, unimpressed by the look and performance of the website. According to trusted research, 79% of visitors who do not like what they find on a site will immediately leave and look for the same product or service on another site. This means that those who bounce off will land on the lap of competitors quite easily. So, if you have worked hard to get your SEO strategies right for increasing the number of clicks on your website, do not ruin it with shabby web designing work. 
  • What is under the Bonnet is what Matters: Websites are like sports vehicles. What’s under the bonnet is what matters the most! Appearances matter but the real performance is what is going to keep visitors hooked. The source code can have an impact on search results and experiences. A professional developer who can accomplish the task of setting up a great website and making it functionally superior is warranted! SEO optimization specialists are required too. 
  • Relevance Matters: Stanford Research shows that websites that have been updated regularly have done significantly well as compared to non-updated ones. Businesses make the mistake of spending time and money on a website interface and then neglecting it once the updating has been done. Of course, there is some relevance of empirical content, however, experts believe that the time has not come for that! A web design scheme that is growth-driven puts its focus on identifying queries and topics discussed by audiences, helping you to remain connected by furnishing the content they desire. 
  • There is no Time: It takes about 9.3 seconds on average to load a mobile page. However, the average attention of humans lasts for only about 8 seconds! The odds are against us, and a slower loading time can only ruin matters even further. Apart from the Wi-Fi signal, the loading speed of a website can depend on coding practices, pictures, videos, and so on. 

Your specialist for web design in Suffolk County, NY should be a stellar expert! There is truly no room for any error! 

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