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Different types of materials for Pawhut Rabbit Hutch

Rabbits are known for their chewing habits, that’s why like other pet houses, rabbit hutches are also made with a lot of care and techniques and facts. The most common type of rabbit hutches is the pawhut rabbit hutch, but when you shop for your rabbit, you will see many types of hutches made of different materials. Now here the question arises how to identify which material is best for the rabbit and the surroundings.

There are two main rabbit hutches, indoor and outdoor hutches. Outdoor rabbit hutches are used by those who have big size rabbits or have more than 2 rabbits. As rabbits love to play outdoors, indoor hutches are also made very carefully to give the indoor rabbits an environment just like outdoor. 

There are many different material of rabbit hutch for sale some of them are mentioned below along with the reliability and safety ratings

But before buying a hutch for your rabbit you need to consider these important points

1. Material which is used in the hutch or cage should be non-toxic

2. As rabbits love chewing so the material should be non-chewable so that it cannot harm them

3. You need to take care of the proper flooring if choosing an indoor house accessories for your pet. If you are choosing a wooden house, you need to check the wood first or can thoroughly search for the wood used in the hutch.


Pawhut rabbit hutch are usually made up of wood. Now there are many types of wood as well. The wood which is used to make them is the pinewood which is non-toxic and non-chewable. Many people trust pine wood as this type of wood is reliable and cannot harm your bunny friend. If you want an indoor rabbit hutch made of wood, then plywood sheets are used to make them because they cannot harm the house’s other surroundings and are safe for any type of weather.

Edges play a vital role 

If you see different types of edges in the hutches don’t think it is for the style and design. Actually edges play a very vital role in them to keep rabbits safe from predators. 


Just like wood plastic also have many types but for the pawhut rabbit hutch the best material in plastic is Correx. It is a corrugated plastic sheet which helps keep rabbits safe and is non-toxic and non-chewable. Most people choose plastic hutches for indoor rabbits as it is environment friendly and cannot harm the house’s flooring.

Wood and plastic are the only popular materials used in making rabbit hutches, but only the material is not enough for your loved pet’s house. Additionally, one must look after the appropriate flooring, bedding, and area to run.


Consider natural floorings such as grass and dirt if you want an indoor one for your bunnies. You can also mix both these things so that it can give your rabbit a sense of peace that they are sitting and enjoying their time outside under the sky with the fresh grass and the dirt around it.

Wood rabbit hutches do not come in different colours except the natural wood colour with the wood strikes on it. If you want to colour the hutch, you need to buy a non-toxic and pet-friendly paint not to harm your bunny friend.

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