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Different types of House Name Plates

Decorating the house can be challenging. Small details make a big difference. One element that is often chosen at random is the name. But nowadays homeowners know that it is the first thing a guest notices when entering their home. It may become a talking point if you chose it right. 

Recently, acrylic house nameplates have made a debut in the market. Earlier it was not liked but now after people know the benefits of acrylic nameplates many prefer having it on board. Here is the list of different types of house nameplates that can make a major difference:

If you are a new homeowner and are unsure which nameplate you should pick as per your homestyle. Let us elaborate for you. But before we begin with the details, congratulations on your new home. We have included all kinds of signboards/ nameplates that are popular in India. Let us begin now:

Wooden nameplates:

Every wooden nameplate is customizable with a variety of fonts and designs. Wooden nameplates are used for ages in India. The most beautiful wooden nameplates are made from Oak trees. However, you can pick Cherry, Cedar, Sapele, Sandalwood, etc. For rustic appeal. 

Slate house signboards:

Slate nameplates are affordable and can be customized in different shapes and sizes. It is not fixed but should be clear so that visitors can read them from distance. You can use silver, white or golden fonts too.

Marble or Granite Stone nameplates:

There are so many marble, granite or stone nameplate designs available online. Stone is the hardest and can withstand any type of weather. Stone can last for decades. It can be personalized with pictures, initials, and fonts. You can also engrave names, pet names, or baby names on it.

Clear Acrylic Nameplates:

It is for the new homes. It appears like glass and it is fixed on the wall via stainless steel or metal frame. It can be of any color or material. Contrast and shiny colors are picked for mansions.

Painted Acrylic Nameplates:

It is a combination of techniques. Special paints are sprayed on the acrylic sheet and then dried. Later, fonts are carved through lasers. It looks stunning. You can check many pictures on the internet for a better idea. It is smooth and glass-like. 

Metal nameplates:

Metal nameplates include steel, bronze, brass, cast iron, or aluminum materials. Metals are long-lasting and shine bright when tucked on the wall. It has a distinct appearance if you use casting letters on it. You can use motifs, images, letters as well as logos.

Engraved Nameplates:

For engraved nameplates metals like aluminum, brass, stainless steel, or acrylic are used. It has unlimited styling options. You are surely going to get confused with a wide variety of fonts and graphics. 

Ceramic nameplates:

Handcrafted ceramic nameplates are the best and outstanding pieces for home decors. You can customize them in a variety of ways. Customized ceramic nameplates are vibrant and classy of all. If you are a traditional loving person, go for ceramic nameplates.

Glass nameplates:

Glass nameplates are the most fragile item yet the most loved one. It requires less maintenance and is long-lasting too. If taken bit care of, it is the best. Choose a glass nameplate for your home if you live in an apartment.

LED nameplate:

Illuminated nameplates are the trendiest of all. It is best for mansions and bungalows. Choosing LED nameplates will make you the talk of the town. It is used with acrylic nameplates or glass nameplates. Written fonts spruce up the plates.


If you desire a modern nameplate, first make up your mind about what material you are preferring. Once you decide on the raw material, then pick the design or type. You have to consider everything. You will get n number of options online. But deciding is the core issue. Remember, whatever you choose, it should be long-lasting and weatherproof. If you live in an apartment there is no issue. You can pick as per your choice. 

As per Vastu Shastra from India, when a person enters your home, it brings energy to your home (positive or negative). Placing it at eye level is the best placement. It should not be too high or too low. Always pick clear and soothing color nameplates. There should be a little gap between the main door and the nameplate. Make sure you pick a good one that matches your taste and home interior.

If you have any query write to us. We are happy to help you anytime.


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