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Diet Recommendations to Get Slim

You can find lots of diets that you can take to get slim. These types of diets promise a lower weight and a thinner version of you. You can try these things but it all starts with the right kinds of food to eat. Using slim rice to reduce your food intake is a good example. Eating the allowed fruits and vegetables for your body will help you develop a healthier you. What kinds of food should you include in your diet? 

Types of Healthy Food to Eat

Slim rice 

One of the types of food that most people avoid when they want to lose weight is rice. This is because of the number of calories that each cup has. And for the common rice, this is true. But there are other options when it comes to eating rice. 

If you cannot remove rice from your meal, you may want to eat slim rice. This type of rice offers around 2 to 3 grams of dietary fiber per 100 grams. It also offers up to 6kcal with no fat and sugar. This is a great alternative for people who still want to have rice in their diet. 

Lean protein 

If you want to lose weight, you should only eat lean protein. Most types of meat have skin and fat that have low-density lipoprotein that is dangerous to health. They are the so-called “bad” cholesterols in food which can increase your weight and, at the same time, raises the risk for heart disease.

Lean meat, on the other hand, reduces your food cravings. They also help your body in creating balance in your blood sugar. 

You can also try to eat proteins that come from plants. These are the legumes and lentils which double as fiber sources to promote healthy digestion. 


Another good source of fiber and other vitamins is vegetables. Unless specified by a medical professional, all vegetables are healthy for you. They promote good digestion and provide proteins, vitamins A, B, C, and others. Some vegetables have low calories which help in reducing weight and getting a healthier body.


Eggs are healthy. They are rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, selenium, copper, zinc, and phosphorus. 

You should eat the egg yolk, too, because this part is not just delicious but also healthy. The good thing about eggs is that there are lots of ways to cook them. Eggs are also great complimentary food or side dishes to other meals. 

Nuts and seeds

You should also include nuts and seeds in your diet. Just like the other food on the list, nuts and seeds are high in fiber and protein. They also satisfy hunger which reduces your overall food intake. 

But you also have to remember to watch the number of nuts and seeds that you eat. Getting too much of any food can also be detrimental to your health. Compute the calories that you need for a meal and use nuts and seeds to complete the calorie intake amount for your body. 



Getting slim is not just about achieving the shape that you want for your body. It is about getting healthy and making sure that your body will not incur any sickness because of imbalances in the body. When you eat slim rice, your goal is not just to get a smaller waistline but to lessen your sugar intake to have a healthier body. Eating the right kinds of meat allows you to digest food naturally without taking in too much of what the body needs. Get a proper diet that suits your health and consult a professional to confirm the kinds of food that you should eat. 


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