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Crypto.com vs Coinbase: Traders Union Experts’ Review

Cryptocurrency exchanges are numerous and sometimes it is hard to find out which one is the best. This is why our experts have done hard work to compare Crypto.com and Coinbase to provide you with detailed information about both companies. By reading this review, you will learn more about the main features that both companies offer to their clients.

General Comparison

Both cryptocurrency exchanges are regulated. However, they are registered in different jurisdictions. Coinbase is a famous US crypto exchange, which has permission to provide services in 45 states. Crypto.com, in turn, is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority. Both cryptocurrencies are considered to be reliable and trustworthy.

As for the trading conditions, Crypto.com looks a bit more attractive with its 321 markets, while Coinbase offers 248 assets only. This is not the big difference if you are going to deal with crypto majors like Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, if you are looking for some exclusive tokens, the broader list of coins that Crypto.com offers to its clients may be considered as a big advantage.

Going further, the minimum deposit at Crypto.com is $1 only, while you will have to start with $25 when dealing with Coinbase. Again, this is not a big problem if you are going to deal with those below $1 tokens. However, if you want to start trading and buy a lot of cryptocurrency cash, even $25 is not enough for you to create a portfolio.

Considering trading conditions, Coinbase has some major advantages. If you are new to crypto and still have no tokens in your wallet, you are welcome to have an easy start as Coinbase accepts both crypto and fiat deposits. Comparing Crypto.com vs Coinbase it is also worth mentioning that Crypto.com has some minor fees advantages. The average trading commission there is 0.4%, while Coinbase charges 0.5%.


When it comes to features, they are competitive. However, Coinbase offers one section that may attract your attention. If you want to learn more about cryptocurrencies, you can start watching special videos on various tokens. By doing this and by completing quizzes, you will be offered a small amount of tokens as a reward.

Final Words

Both cryptocurrency exchanges are famous and trustworthy. While Crypto.com has some minor advantages in trading conditions, Coinbase compensates for them with its lucrative Coinbase Earn program, which is a good way to learn and earn.


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