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Creating a logo for a real estate agency

Opening a real estate agency is a serious step. In order to attract the attention of potential clients, to stand out from other agencies, to be memorable, your company needs a distinctive sign, in other words, a logo. If you look at the logos of real estate companies, most of them are the same. The image of a house, a roof, keys, high-rise buildings – all of these things are in one way or another perambulated in the emblem, with the addition of some elements of the color scheme. If you want to avoid triviality, then you should approach the creation of a unique logo responsibly.

Peculiarities of logo creation for real estate agency

A successful logo will attract the attention of potential clients and will force them to choose your company. So, you will need to decide the following:

Come up with a name for the agency (if not already chosen).

Decide whether to use the company slogan in the logo.

Choose a color scheme.

Choose an interesting font that will look harmonious against the general background.

The real estate industry is very competitive and in order to stand out, understand your advantages over your competitors and try to reflect them in the logo, for example if your advantage is “speed of selection”, you can choose a sign that symbolizes growth/speed/direction.

More often today, in the logos of real estate agencies there are combined options, consisting of a logo-text and graphic image. The presence of the latter has its advantage. You can give preference to an abstract design, or distinguish the graphics from the text. It is also important to pay attention to the compatibility of the font in the company name and in the slogan. They should be harmonious.

How to create a logo?

Today, in order to get your logo, you can go two ways:

Use the services of creative designers who will embody your ideas and the concept of the agency in one drawing.

Create a logo with the help of special designers.

In case you choose the first option, you only need to explain to a specialist what exactly you want to see on the logo. Naturally, such services are expensive. If you are not willing to spend money and want to create a logo for a real estate agency, then special online services are at your service. For example, the designer Turbologo will select for you hundreds of variants of the logo with a unique design. You do not need to pay extra for this. Its main advantage is the instant creation of a high quality logo. You can create a design based on any template and edit it to your liking.


Creating a logo for a company providing services in the real estate market is a whole science that requires knowledge. Here it is important to use elements that will emphasize the main values of the company and its positive qualities, decency, customer focus. And of course, it is good if the details are associated directly with real estate.


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