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Craft Charismatic Custom Cereal Boxes

At a glance, Custom Cereal Boxes may seem like products with little thought, design, and effort put into them. However, cereal companies have for decades used many colors and other tools to turn boxes into effective marketing campaigns that customers can’t pass up.

The best designs have been shown to increase sales by more than 10%.

Target Market

1)     Children

Bright colors and good looking packages easily sway kids. So are parents/guardians who want to ensure their children stay healthy even when making less than ideal food choices. They are running behind in the morning or too tired at night. Parents will be drawn in by an aesthetically pleasing cereal box design that encourages their children to eat healthier.

2)     Adults

Similar to the targeted customer base in part 1, adults are more likely to buy a cereal whose box appeals to them aesthetically or is designed creatively compared to competitors’ best-selling products.

Charismatic Custom Printed Cereal Boxes Packaging Features

1)     Eye-catching Packaging 

The eye can process and focus on one specific stimulus at a time. It means it can immediately be drawn towards bright colors or large images/textures. Colors such as red and orange (the color of most cereals marketed toward children) and yellow (the color of most popular breakfast treats like pancakes and waffles) are more likely to catch the eye than colors like blue or green.

2)     Fun Packaging 

Convincing customers that cereal is fun is easy when Custom Printed Cereal Boxes are created with bright colors, interactive games, and playful mascots. Children will be drawn in by cartoon characters they recognize from television commercials. While, adults enjoy unique designs that reflect the brand’s creativity. Companies can also advertise new products on their existing boxes. Make sure not to detract from company logos or put off customers with busy boxes full of too much visual information.

3)     Original Packaging 

The best custom designed cereal boxes are instantly recognizable as uniquely belonging to a single brand. Competition made it difficult for companies to retain a monopoly on a cereal brand name. Still, the most successful companies have been able to create logos that are simple and memorable. Moreover, they incorporate familiar elements into their designs, such as animals or cartoon characters.

4)     Informed Packaging 

Customers tend to trust brands they’ve heard of before as opposed to those they haven’t. So, cereal companies must stay informed about what competitors do to keep customers focused on their products. They can closely follow industry trends and pay attention to new brands introduced each year.

5)     Interactive Packaging 

Customers enjoy feeling involved with a product’s marketing campaign. You can achieve it through interactive packaging that allows customers to engage with a product creatively.

6)     Repetitive Packaging 

Customers respond well to simple forms of marketing. It means that companies can use the same packaging designs each year for an extended period. Be sure to change up colors and focus on a different aspect of your brand each year. Not to bore customers who have seen the same box 100 times.

7)     Bilingual Packaging 

Many cereal manufacturers recognize that there’s an international market for their products, so they come up with bilingual marketing materials to appeal more widely. This is especially useful when targeting children. It encourages them to learn another language while lulling them into feeling more about trying a new food item.

8)     Gender-Specific Packaging  

A cereal brand’s target market may consist of both children and adults. Their packaging must cater to either one age group or the other.

9)     Health-conscious Packaging 

Nutritionists and dieticians are constantly pressuring cereal companies to design more healthy products that meet specific standards. This is why they offer a variety of whole grain cereals that appeal to those who want to eat right for breakfast.

10) Slow Life 

An alternative marketing tool on cereal boxes is slow life pictures. It serves as an eye catcher and help customers feel like they’re living the good life. This tool can also promote a new product that the company is introducing.

11) Text  

Most customers prefer to have their Cereal Boxes Wholesale filled with text describing the different benefits of using a particular brand. The most cereal companies have opted for this type of advertising strategy. However, just because the text is abundant on a box does not mean the design needs to be boring or hard to read.

12) Colors 

Colorful packaging remains one of the most important elements in any cereal marketing plan, especially when appealing to children. Companies can choose from various colors and pair them together to create unique designs. The key is finding color combinations that work well together and will catch customers’ attention.

13) Customized Packaging 

The best cereal companies know that children are key to making a packaging design work, which is why they focus on creating unique colors and logos on Cereal Boxes Wholesale that will engage the senses of younger consumers.


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