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Could Fireplace Mantel Hold TV Set?

A fire mantle can hold a new TV in relation to weight. Many fireplace mantels will be strong enough to support up to 180lbs (81. 64kgs). But, most mantels may well not have sufficient degree to accommodate your current TV, and an individual will have to be able to extend it to take care of TV secured. There is also the chance of heat destruction to the TV SET.

This post can speak about the vital things needed to be able to consider before adding a TV over a fireplace mantel. We will also share many reasons you may well not want to carry out it, even when an individual can. Sometimes looking to avoid a DO IT YOURSELF project can price you more later on but occasionally you can draw it off plus time and cash. Stay because this particular article can help you save a lot of time and profit redesigning your family room.

May You Put the TV Above a New fire?

Before many of us speak about putting a new TV together with a new fireplace mantel, shall we speak about an even more question: can an individual put your TV SET above a flame? The quick response is yes and you should probably love typically the way it seems, but additional components you need to consider, which in turn we’ve discussed inside the article Could you Mount a TV SET Above a Fireplace?

If you believe about almost all of these, it is simple to understand the reason why homeowners gravitate in the direction of the concept of just putting TVs on top of fireplace mantels. After all, it’s in the middle, produces enough space among the fireplace as well as the TV, and deflects some of the particular heat it generates, right?

Are you able to Place a TV More than a Fireplace Mantel?

These days, it is common for house owners to obtain their Tv sets above an open fireplace to check for a free-floating TV. However, it is very rare to get someone who truly puts a TELEVISION SET on top involving the mantelpiece. Many of us used “rare” mainly because even though it is very uncommon, it’s certainly not impossible to set a TV above a fireplace mantel.

But whether or not you could, it doesn’t indicate that you may simply get out and mount a mantel to obtain your TV together with it. Although this appears like something a person can use like a ‘floating shelf’ to hold your TV, the majority of fireplace mantles do not have enough space in order to support it. 

The fireplace mantel’s typical depth is just six inches, while TELEVISION bases are between 8 to twelve inches (20. thirty-two to 30. forty eight cm). A TV’s base is generally bigger or that precise size which will not leave a great deal of free area for the TELEVISION, the cable package, and anything else you could keep attached to.

How Significantly Weight Can some sort of Mantel Hold?

That can be complicated to realize a definite response, but to offer you a thought, Outdoor GreatRoom Firm provides two alternatives for their buyers: 60-inch mantels of which can support up to 150lbs (68kgs), and 70-inch (177. 8-cm) mantles which could support up to 180lbs (81. 64kgs).

Yet , these quantities still count on precisely how you mount that on the wall membrane. To achieve this kind of strength, you should set it on buttons for better balance and weight submission. Some homeowners would not do it for the reason that it’s too significant of an inconvenience, and many would simply have it fixed to the wall membrane, which can certainly not be strong enough to hold some sort of TV.

How To be able to Decorate a Mantel Which has a TV Previously mentioned That

The largest reason why quite a few house owners want to be able to have their Tv sets on top associated with a fire is usually added aesthetics in order to the room. Thus it’s important in order to keep your mantel thoroughly clean, well-decorated, and arranged.

TVs rarely work alone — these people always need gadgets to be the suitable type of amusement. Of course, if you have got more than a single device on the leading of the mantle, cable management could be troublesome. So, the particular critical first action to decorating the mantelpiece is in order to manage the wires.

Should You Place a TV More than a Fireplace Mantel?

Since you know a person can put the TV over the fireplace mantel in addition to there’s a method to extend this and support the particular base, a lot more question that we all need to deal with is: should a person truly set the TV more than a fireplace mantel?

Listed below are 4 reasons why a person shouldn’t put the TV over typically the mantel:

Creating an extension for any mantel will be excessive and may seem to be too clunky. Possibly with matching fresh paint, it’ll still truly feel out of place, especially when you’re using the mantel as typically the centerpiece for the living room.

It makes your TV too much without the alternative to adapt to that. Sure, mounting some sort of new TV previously mentioned a fireplace tends to make it even bigger, but if an individual start using a full-motion build, it’s possible to be able to bring it lower to the eye stage, allowing you in order to have an equilibrium between heat security and viewing convenience.

It creates negative viewing angles in addition to could cause neck of the guitar strain. Watching TV SET, you want to relax and acquire the most cozy position possible. Nevertheless , if you just put it on the leading of the fireplace mantel, you’ll constantly modify your sitting down position, which could cause neck tension.

Finally, locating a new TV over a new fireplace mantel area is too near to the heat source. Despite the fact that a fire mantle will still aid deflect a number of the heating, it could even now void the manufacturer’s warranty because typically the television could be too hot together with melt. The new enormous risk that most of the people might not exactly be relaxing taking.


Some sort of fire mantle can be one of typically the easiest and normally the default alternative that house owners think of when buying a spot where they will set their TV. Though it’s a whole lot easier than increasing a TV, that isn’t really typically the ideal location due to the viewing viewpoint.

Besides comfort in addition to aesthetics, putting the particular TV over the fireplace mantel also positions a huge chance due to its detail and heat direct exposure. So, even when a new fire mantel could hold a brand new TV SET, it’s not something which we’d recommend considering that there are as well many things that might lead to damage to your TV.

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