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Conditions that Tell You Should Visit Your Orthopedic Doctor

Orthopedic doctors have specialized training in dealing with bone problems and muscle issues. At one hand, a primary care doctor is a general physician who treats general pains in the body. But, there are certain types of aches that need to be treated by a specialist in orthopedics.

Just as you would go to a surgeon for oral surgery, in the same way, problems relating to bones and muscles are treated by orthopedic doctors. This blog post will discuss the reasons you should consider visiting your orthopedic physician.

Sciatica Pain

One of the worst pains that can occur in your spinal cord is sciatica. Sciatica is pain that occurs in the lower back. And in severe cases, the pain can go from the low back to the leg or foot. The main reason why sciatica may occur is due to slipped disc.

A disc slipping occurs when the rubbery disc between the two bony vertebrae in the spine goes away from where it should be. When this happens, the individual starts to feel intense pain as the sciatic nerve is aggravated. This condition needs to be immediately resolved by an orthopedic doctor who will prescribe medicines and will show you to take the right movements so the condition does not worsen.

Repetitive Strain Injury

The reason why repetitive strain injuries occur is overusing certain muscles and maintaining the wrong posture. These injuries have a bad effect on the mind and its functions. Any injuries that affect the spine, arms, and hands come under the premise of repetitive strain injury.

There is also an orthopedic problem called carpal tunnel syndrome that has a bad effect on the muscles and nerves of your hand. Whereas, you may also feel a painful tingling sensation in the area of the body that has been affected. However, you can save yourself from the pain by preferring an early diagnosis.

Pain in the Hip

Pain in the hip is another issue that refers to a problem in the joint. If you feel the hip pain is not too much, then taking a rest is good. In case of minor pain, you can take pain relievers and other medicine which definitely helps. However, if the hip pain is intense, and there can be several causes of it, then that’s high time you go see a doctor.

The pain you’re experiencing can be due to arthritis. Also, it can be a new or old injury that is causing the pain. A doctor of orthopedics will examine your situation and will tell you exactly what’s creating the problem.

Knee Pain

Our knees are a complex portion of the body. Any pain in your knee can occur for any reason. It can be because of physical activity, or that you had maintained a poor posture that caused pain. Another cause of knee pain can be a movement of the body which brought extra strain to the body that was above the joint’s range of motion.  In any of these cases, an orthopedic physician is there to help you take the right measures to get well in the shortest possible time.


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