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Common Uses of Smartphones in Our Daily Life

In today’s era, people of all ages and backgrounds spend an enormous amount of time using smartphones. Do you experience the feeling when you go outside and realize that you have left your phone at home? Some might run scared and others are completely lost. Smartphones have become an integral part of modern life and without them people feel like only a half person.

Do you know how people use their smartphones? Smartphones can be used in a number of ways. Therefore,  one person using a device could be very different to somebody else. However, there are a few uses that are more common among all. Read on attentively to discover the main uses of smartphones in the modern epoch. 

Some Common Uses of Smartphones in Our Daily Life

  • Web browsing

Web browsing is a process of looking through a set of information quickly. In context to the internet, it usually refers to using the world wide web. Web browsing can serve many purposes and the majority of people use it to look for websites for example Indoor Games Name( a website that provides information about many varieties of games), reading the news, looking up facts while having a conversation, and research for study or work. In addition, through web surfing, you can search for any information you are not aware of. 

  • Online shopping

Smartphones have totally changed the way of shopping. The research reveals that smartphones have become eminent shopping tools. People now use smartphones in order to research products and services and additionally to make purchases. All over the globe, around 77% of the users use smartphones for research and 46% use their smartphones to make purchases. The most popular online shopping websites are Amazon, Feogi, Flipkart, Urbanic, etc.

  • Messaging

The most common use of smartphones is messaging and people do this for both business as well as for leisure purposes. Unlike earlier days, phone calls are not common anymore. Instead, people prefer sending messages to their loved ones.  Youngsters are always seen holding their phones and tapping their messages. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to stay in touch with multiple people. Some of the messaging apps are messenger, whatsapp and telegram. 

  • Online banking

Through online banking, people are doing all the bank-related work sitting anywhere at any time. These bank works include opening a bank account, checking e-passbook, transferring money, receiving money, and a lot more. Smartphones have made it easy to pay for anything with net banking apps. People take advantage of this to pay for mobile recharge, landline bills, electricity bills, and shopping bills without going anywhere.

  • Social media

Social media is becoming immensely popular with the younger generation. Social media has made it simple for people to share their experiences and thoughts with others. You can stay in touch with friends, extended families and people all over the world. However, some people use various social media applications to network and find career opportunities. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are heavily used platforms by people which helps them to feel connected and also gives them a chance to express themselves. Tomodachi life can also help you to connect with people. 

  • To find locations(maps)

Smartphones can be used to view maps in order to find locations. Every smartphone has this feature. Majority of people use google maps when they have to go somewhere they don’t have any idea about. Using this feature they can reach the right address without asking anyone. 

  • Photos and videos

Many people don’t even purchase professional cameras because their smartphone has all the image and video capturing capability that they want. Once the media has been captured, without wasting further time people send it to others via email, messaging or bluetooth. Smartphones also offer photo editing options to edit photos and videos according to your preference and liking.  

  • Entertainment

As long as you have a smartphone, there is no chance of getting bored. You can listen to music, watch movies, and read newspapers. In addition, there are multitude of games to download and play such as Tomadachi life where you can determine Tomadachi life personality. Besides this, you can watch a variety of animated videos, real life events, chatting and find brewmates.

  • Games

Some people don’t like to play outside. For them, smartphones have provided a feature of offline and online gaming. Users can download a lot of games such as ludo, chess, free fire, Tomadachi life, candy crush etc. Now some of you might not know Tomadachi life, you can check out websites providing information regarding Tomadachi life personality.


Besides a lot of benefits of smartphones, there are many disadvantages too. Therefore, smartphones must be used wisely to reduce its bad impacts. Hope you get some fruitful information from this article. Stay tuned for more updates. 


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