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Characteristics of Live Online Classes

With a bucket full of benefits offered like better flexibility, convenience, comfort, cost-effectiveness, and life balance, online teaching platforms are growing at a much faster rate. The online teaching method known as live classes is highly preferred by students.

 Educators create online courses with live virtual class features included.

This is because this allows students to connect with the teacher in real time and enrich their learning experience. Let us discuss some important characteristics of online live classes. Educators must focus on and include these qualities in their live sessions. 

6 characteristics of  live online classes 

1. Effective communication

One of the significant characteristics of online live classes is effective communication. Some people feel that online teaching gives a sense of isolation and don’t get the opportunity to seek regular guidance from the teachers. This is a wrong assumption. The online live classes allow students to connect with the teacher in real time. Teachers explain the academic topics well and give individual attention to all. Effective communication help in better exchange of information and knowledge, with convenience and comfort intact. 

2. Use of multimedia 

With the growth in educational technology, teaching and learning are no more limited to textbooks. One characteristic that makes online live classes different and more effective from conventional classrooms is the use of multimedia. The online course builder or the teacher uses different audio-visual tools to teach like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint video presentations, podcasts, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and more quickly.

Online quizzes are also conducted to make learning more fun and engaging. 

3. Engaging activities

For quality online learning, only watching the videos, listening to the audio, and reading the PDFs are not enough.

Students’ contribution to learning is equally important. In asynchronous learning, active learning practices are limited. However,  online live classes are known for the effective feature of conducting engaging activities for students. 

Here teachers conduct several participatory activities like group discussions, recitations, question-answer rounds, presentations, debates, online polls, and forums for students. This keeps students actively involved in the class. By sharing and exchanging knowledge, ideas, and opinions, in real-time, learning outcomes are enhanced. 

4. Instant doubt solving

In the course subjects and content, facing doubts is common with students. Online live classes help students to get doubts solved instantly. In asynchronous courses, instant doubt resolution is not possible. Students have to face time barriers. This can affect their learning sometimes.

However, in the case of online live classes, there is an instant answer to the doubt. Students have a regular instructor presence. They can ask doubts from the teachers. The real-time interactions help them to get quality explanations and solutions instantly. This ensures that students are getting a proper academic understanding. 

5. Feedback exchange

One of the important characteristics of live classes is a better feedback loop. For effective online teaching and learning, feedback plays a significant role. In virtual live interaction, teachers can track students’ performance better. You can see how effective is the subject knowledge and where students are lagging. This help teachers to appreciate students for their good work and suggest ways to improve too. 

In written feedback via messages or emails, students might not consider feedback healthy. They can get offended or demotivated easily. However, this is not the case in live classes. Here students understand the teacher’s tone, way of saying, and concern.Therefore they take feedback constructively.Teachers can also seek feedback from students better for enhance their teaching practices. 

6. Keep students motivated

In asynchronous modes, sometimes there is a sense of isolation and low interest in studies. Students feel alone or less connected with their teachers and batchmates. One of the main characteristics of an online live class is that makes it is effective in keeping students motivated. 

Teachers and students connect virtually and have real-time interactions. By meeting teachers regularly, students feel motivated and there is a sense of community. Teachers can interact with students, appreciate them for their good work, and encourage continuous efforts. This keeps students motivated and feels valued. There is a sense of emotion and feelings, and students stay actively involved in learning. 


Live online classes are highly preferred by learners nowadays. Just being at convenient places, teachers and students can connect in real-time. By reading the above-mentioned information we can make out the characteristics of an online live class. This helps in quality online teaching and learning respectively. 

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