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Buying advice: With our shower head test or comparison 2022 you will find the right product

Summary: Find your shower head test winner

A distinction is made between shower heads in rain showers, which are attached to the ceiling of the shower or a particularly high bracket, and conventional hand showers.

Shower sets are often offered, which combine rain and hand shower elements and thus offer a shower experience for all-round well-being.

In addition to the setting of different beam types, some providers advertise with other additional features, such as shower heads with fog function, LED lighting or self-decalcifying shower heads.

shower head test

The choice of shower heads is large. There are shower heads with foam jet, with self-cleaning function, with nebulizer or throttle valve as well as large, small, rain and conventional hand showers. In view of this diversity, the overview can be lost.

With our shower head purchase advice on n-tv.de we bring order to the apparent confusion in 2022 and not only present the different shower head types in detail, but also inform you about the numerous additional functions.

In this way, you can make informed decisions about which features are actually useful for you and where you can confidently save money. You will also receive valuable tips for cleaning and connecting your new shower head.

1. How does a shower head work?

How can I save water with my shower head?

With a conventional shower head shower, you consume about 15 liters of water per minute. Accordingly, your water consumption during a ten-minute shower can amount to up to 150 liters. To curb this, either use a special water-saving shower head or insert a shut-off valve into your shower head. In this way, you can reduce your consumption to up to 7 liters per minute. Foaming when the water is switched off and a water stop button, which allows you to switch off the shower head without having to adjust the temperature again afterwards, can also help to save water.

You might think that shower heads are based on a fairly simple system. After actuating the shower tap, water is fed into the shower head with a hose at the desired temperature and practically only falls down through the small openings. In fact, modern shower heads in particular are designed much more cleverly.

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In order to save water without having to do without the water pressure, which is usually perceived as pleasant, air and water are mixed and thus do not create a continuous flow of water, but countless small droplets, which, however, appear like a jet of water.

In this way, shower heads for the bathtub or shower cubicle, which were manufactured under high quality conditions, save up to 50 percent of the amount of water that would have been common just a few years and decades ago.

In order to achieve the desired effect, the water is directed directly to the individual small nozzles and mixed with air there. Flow limiters also regulate the water pressure in such a way that sufficient pressure is achieved, but not unnecessarily much water is consumed.

2. What shower head types are offered?

A fundamental distinction is made between hand showerheads, i.e. shower heads that can be attached to the shower panel with a hose and guided from there by hand, and shower heads in rainforest shower style.

In the following, we have briefly summarized the characteristics of both shower head types on n-tv.de, so that you can decide on the best model for you. Often, however, both versions are also offered on a common shower head holder, so that you can choose flexibly and at the push of a button between rain and hand shower.

Shower Head Category Features

Overhead shower (rain shower)

usually slightly lower pressure; designed more for wellness effects

larger shower that lets water trickle down on the head

usually no different beam settings

fixed to the ceiling or easy to adjust

due to the required

 space above the head often not optimally suited for installation over bathtubs

hand shower

smaller shower head for more targeted showering

often slightly higher water pressure

freely usable, as shower head is connected to flexible hose

thanks to various jet settings shower head can also be used for cleaning the shower or for massage purposes

3. Shower heads in the test: What criteria should you check if you want to buy a new shower head?

Shower head in chrome look on a shower holder

Hand shower heads are particularly flexible and therefore suitable for quick and targeted showering.

To find the best shower head for your shower or bathtub, you should pay special attention to the following purchase criteria:

Type of shower head

Material and workmanship

Color and design

Number of beam types

Additional functions of the shower head

After you have decided whether it should be a rain or hand shower or a combination of both shower head types, you need to choose a suitable design.

However, the quality of the workmanship and the material used for production should not be ignored. In particular, very low prices often indicate a less high quality and thus also a shorter shelf life.

Check if there are any irregular edges or any problems with assembly. In addition, rely on corrosion-proof materials and shower heads equipped with lime-repellent silicone or plastic nozzles.

Shower heads come in many different sizes, shapes, and designs. So you will find both classic round and rectangular, oval and square shower head shapes. Bright or very dark colors instead of the usual chrome-plated look are now just as easy to.

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