Digital Signature Certificates or DSC or Digital Signature are being taken on by different government offices and presently is a legal necessity in different applications. 

Capricorn offers diverse classes of authentications to assist associations and people secure web-based exchanges with lawful legitimacy according to the Indian IT Act, 2000. 

Capricorn endorsements adjust to x.509 standard of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in India wherein moreover, these are given according to IVG and IOG rules given by the workplace of Controller of Certifying Authorities. 

There are different types and classes of DSC, the data beneath would assist you with showing up to the right endorsement for your requirements.

Types of digital signature certificate 


Sign DSC must be utilized for marking reports. The most famous use is marking the PDF record for Tax Returns, MCA, and different sites. Marking through DSC gives the affirmation of the uprightness of the underwriter as well as the information. It is a confirmation of untampered and unaltered information. 


Encode DSC must be utilized to scramble a record, it is prevalently utilized in the delicate entryway, to assist organizations with encoding the archives and transfer. You could likewise utilize the authentication to scramble and send characterized data. Scramble DSC is good for internet business records, legitimate documentation, and sharing reports that are profoundly private and contains data that should be ensured. We are selling Encrypt declaration as an independent item also. 

Sign and Encrypt 

Our Sign and Encrypt DSC can be utilized for both marking and encoding. It is helpful for clients who need to verify and keep up with the secrecy of the data shared. Its use incorporates recording government structure and application.

validity of the Certificate 

You could purchase testaments with legitimacy for up to three years. (The legitimacy is constrained by law, and you can’t accept testaments over three years and short of what One-year legitimacy)

As indicated by the new rules delivered by CCA, Capricorn CA can give just Class 3 DSC to their customers. Nonetheless, all the class 2 authentications bought before will stay dynamic and be used. 

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate 

We likewise offer class 3 digital signature certificate endorsements as per IVG rule which is considered as the most dependable and the most secure of all declarations. It is primarily utilized in issues of high security and wellbeing, for example, e-recording, internet exchanging, and web-based business, where an enormous measure of cash or exceptionally secret data is involved.

We have three different paperless eKYC verification-based methods for obtaining Digital Signature Certificate. The applicant can choose the mode of his/her choice.

 Aadhar Based Paperless DSC

Any applicant who is an Aadhar cardholder can apply for Digital Signature Certificate in a paperless manner by using the “Aadhaar Offline EKYC” process. The Aadhaar based KYC verification process is a paperless and digital Know Your Customer (EKYC) process involving applications to generate orders and download DSCs. The process to apply for a DSC application is fast and can be completed within 15-20 minutes.

 PAN Based Paperless DSC

By opting for PAN-based paperless DSC, the applicant can save on relative cost. The process of obtaining PAN-based paperless DSC is easy, fast, and quickly followed by video verification, where the applicant has to show his/her PAN card in the video. The best advantage of this PAN-based paperless DSC generated after EYC verification is that the applicant can apply for this type of DSC online anytime or anywhere, giving the gift of global convenience.

 GST Based Paperless DSC

We provide GST-based Paperless Organizational DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) for organizations that have their exclusive GST Certificate. These certificates provide complete security by ensuring the confidentiality of information or documents with a digital signature when shared digitally.


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