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Best Tips for Travelling Safely with Chronic Medical Conditions

Travelling is one of the most satisfying things people can do. It is one of the best ways to relax, learn new things and meet new people. However, going a trip is not so easy for some people. Many people have underlying chronic illnesses that prevent them from travelling worry-free and without taking extra precautions. This is because no matter how fun it seems, travelling with chronic medical conditions takes a lot of responsibility. Luckily, you can make the most out of your journeys if you apply the right tips first.

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Find the nearest healthcare facilities

One of the most important things to keep in mind when travelling to a new location is to choose an accommodation that is near a hospital. Medical research from UK indicates that you should be ideally located as far as 6.5 miles from a hospital, in case something goes wrong. For instance, you could have nearly 50% higher chances for recovery in case of respiratory problems, injuries, hemorrhages and even poisoning. The closer you are the better. In many cases, there are dialysis patients who have to have constant access to a reliable clinic anywhere they go. Luckily, they can visit some of the most fascinating places in the world such as Portugal and choose the best treatment there.  This will make the trip that much better, as they won’t have to worry nearly as much. Enjoyable travelling is quite achievable if you take a few precautionary steps first.

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Consult with your doctor before travelling

Another amazing way to feel safer as you travel is to visit your doctor before making the trip. You can schedule your appointment four to six weeks before your trip. Your doctor will be able to perform a quick assessment to make sure that your health is in order before you travel. It is important to be honest and disclose all the relevant details of your trip so that your doctor can assess your medical state in the best possible way. In addition, your doctor will give you all the necessary recommendations and tell you about the things which you should avoid on your trip. 

Keep to your diet

Travelling offers some of the greatest joys in life, however, one thing is for sure; it is extremely difficult to keep your normal dieting habits. Most conditions are associated with how people eat such as Diabetes, Gluten and Lactose intolerance. There are also many people who eat a specific diet to help aid their recovery. Unfortunately, for travelers it is really difficult to keep track of what they eat in a day as they go from one place to another. That is why it is a good idea to check which food your hotel serves. In addition, you should also have a backup plan for eating while on the airplane. Make sure to bring plenty of healthy snacks which are convenient for travelling.

Bring your medical records with you

When travelling, there is no way you can predict everything. That is why you need to have an updated medical record with you. This should include information on your prescriptions, allergies, vaccinations, and a general medical history. You can store all this information on your phone which will help people give you the best medical attention if need be.

Stay in contact with your doctors

In addition to providing your updated medical records, you should also provide your doctor’s and pharmacist’s contact details ahead of time, and keep them with you at all times. You can put this information on a paper and keep it in your suitcase.

Get vaccinated on time

When travelling to exotic places you will need to take extra precautionary steps. You will need to receive region specific vaccines such as Hepatitis A which needs to be taken a month ahead. The most important thing of all is to consult your doctor on whether the vaccine can be taken safely considering your medical condition. For instance, patients who are receiving chemotherapy shouldn’t get the live virus vaccine for yellow fever. Lastly, make sure to bring a translation of all your medical information in case you are travelling to a country with a language other than your own.

Travelling is extremely fun and it can offer you some of the best experiences in the world. However, in order to have those enjoyable moments you have to take responsible steps ahead of time in order to ensure maximum safety when you travel. You can enjoy your future travels if you: look for nearby clinics close to your accommodation, consult with your doctor first, manage your diet as you travel, bring your medical records with you, provide your doctor’s contact details, and receive all the necessary vaccination safely ahead of time.

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