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Best Things to Do in Al Wakrah

The best things to do in Al Wakrah allow you to take in the highlights of one of the largest cities in Qatar. The city that started as a charming fishing village has a low-key vibe that radiates from its delightful beaches, authentic markets, and amicable gardens. Modern developments have enabled the city to thrive, but you’ll still see locals holding on to their roots.

Beautiful natural scenery together with interesting local culture is a special recipe that makes Al Wakrah a fantastic place to explore. Whether you’re looking to gaze at the seaside scenery or immerse yourself in the local way of life, Al Wakrah has just the right activity you’re looking for.

Al Wakrah Souq

Al Wakrah Souq is a lively market where you can shop for keepsakes, dine at a local café, and walk along its seaside promenade. You’ll also find lots of seaside restaurants and local vendors lining the streets. The market’s rustic setting, with locals and travellers buying handmade goods, feels like you’ve travelled back in time.

You’ll enjoy a more authentic souq experience thanks to the traditional architecture and arrangement of the squares. Al Wakrah Souq’s relaxed vibe provides a nice place for a day out with family and friends. You’re only a few minutes from family-friendly beaches along the coast. Al Wakra Main Street is a short distance in the opposite direction.

Al Wakra Municipality Family Beach

An afternoon at the Al Wakra Municipality Family Beach often results in all sorts of family fun. Tables and barbecue facilities make this a nice spot to enjoy picnics right on the beach. Kids can have fun at playgrounds nestled along the golden shores while older children and their parents can find several volleyball and football courts.

The calm and shallow waters are a safe environment to splash around but swimming is not advised. If you’re looking to relax, the wide coastline provides lots of space to lay out a towel and work on your tan. The Al Wakra Municipality Family Beach is around 6 km north of Al Wakrah’s centre.

Al Wakrah Public Garden

The well-manicured plants at the Al Wakrah Public Garden offer a relaxing escape from the city’s urban setting. Beautiful flowers and a diverse range of trees decorate walking paths circling the park. You’ll find over 70 plant species here – olive trees, cactuses and berries are just a handful of the diverse plant life you can find in the park. You could even have a scavenger hunt to discover them all.

The Al Wakrah Public Garden is just a brisk walk from the coast, meaning you can stroll along the golden sand after admiring the flowers. Animal lovers can spot many dogs and their owners walking at the pet-friendly Dog Beach. Further up the shore, playgrounds and palm trees line the Wakra Beach Park.

Port Al-Wakrah

Casting a net at Port Al-Wakrah is a timeless activity for many locals, as Al Wakrah has a rich history as a fishing village. Admire fishing boats docked at the marina and spot the ones patrolling the waters to supply the town with fresh seafood. Even if you’re unlucky, simply watching the incredible seaside views makes for a fulfilling and relaxing way to spend the day in Al Wakrah.

The easiest way get to Port Al-Wakrah is by car – take a turn off Al Wakra Main Street and venture towards the water until you reach Al Meena Street. When you arrive at the marina, you’ll spot dozens of anglers with their hooks in the water, waiting for the next catch.


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