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Best hospital in Multan for mental health treatment

Our entire lives, we have heard the sayings “health is wealth,” “your actual asset displays your actual asset, and a meaning to money is your health.” You cannot get wealthy if you are not in good health. What precisely is health now? The definition of health states that it is the totality of bodily well-being. Spiritual, social, and mental health. As you can see, it covers all emotional, social, and spiritual states because they are all interconnected.

Your mental health will be immediately impacted if you are physically healthy but shy and reserved in social situations. If you suffer from a mental condition, such as depression or anxiety, it will have a direct impact on your physical health. Because eating disorders and lack of sleep brought on by mental illness are detrimental to physical health.

The same is true for spiritual health; when you are spiritually in good shape, you have inner peace and are able to accept yourself and the world around you with grace. And your self-esteem is raised by this faith and belief. In Pakistan’s largest cities, hospitals now have psychologists on staff. In this piece, we’ll talk about the best hospital in Multan.

What is mental health?

Similar to how physical health refers to our body’s capacity to carry out all tasks painlessly or with little trouble, mental health refers to our mind’s capacity to manage and control our emotions, ideas, and social conduct.

Stress and social anxiety problems can affect some people. They find it difficult to socialize like other people. You need to be psychologically in the proper place to be good at socializing. Anxiety makes a person socially awkward, while sadness can make a person bored in social situations.

These problems, which are mental disorders that might cause additional mental and physical problems, are not treated as illnesses in our society. After a while, Pakistanis start to identify these problems as problems. It has become a topic of conversation, and many hospitals now employ psychologists to handle mental health difficulties.

(MASH) Multan

The best hospital in Multan for treating mental illness is MASH. Every hospital in Pakistan’s major cities has psychologists on staff, but Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital offers a unique facility named Spring Clinic that specializes in mental health. Clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and speech therapists who are certified are housed in a separate building away from the hospital. MASH is one of the best private hospitals in South Punjab as a result of this service. These are a few of the services that Spring Clinic offers.

Therapy for speech

Some kids struggle with their speech when speaking and pronouncing words. Some kids are born with this problem, while others experience problems over time. People used to believe that these problems were incurable, but thanks to contemporary speech therapy and pathology, every speech issue may now be treated and resolved. Speech therapists spend time with each patient and instruct them on specific mouth exercises to practice in order to improve their speech.

The best hospital in Multan for speech therapy is MASH. Speech therapists at Spring Clinic are committed to providing the best care for kids. Making children feel at ease in their surroundings is crucial, and the clinic’s personnel are warm and compassionate. This is the most important thing to make children feel comfortable in their surroundings so they can share their problems and improve their condition.

Counseling for depression and anxiety

A person can become seriously ill from depression and anxiety. They have the power to make socially active people dull and hesitant people more mentally ill. And regrettably, the majority of our population, particularly young people, are affected by this problem. There are many stresses and tensions in the world today, including the stress of studying, the stress of a career or employment, and the stress of surviving in the current economy. Anyone can get nervous or sad for any reason.

The Spring Clinic’s psychologists are aware of this and work to help patients through psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is a popular form of treatment since it offers long-term support to a lot of people. Additionally, Spring Clinic’s mission is to not only heal patients’ illnesses but also to enhance their quality of life.


The reason why MASH is the best hospital in Multan for mental health treatment is that they are compassionate enough to make people’s lives better. They do not only diagnose and treat the patients but help them live a life where they can reach their full potential. They have a patient-centric approach and put their patients at priority no matter what.


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