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Benefits of Liquid Glass Screen Protectors Offered by Mobile Repair Shop in Fresno

When you first buy a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, you deal with it with extra care, and you probably won’t let anyone touch it without fear that they might drop your mobile phone. 

Nowadays, technology is so expensive that it costs a fortune, but it is also breakable, and you want to protect your investment at any cost by protecting your devices. With time, when our devices become a little old, we stop treating them the right way. These devices have become a part of our lives so much that we have become careless towards the. We drop them accidentally, throw them against the wall when we are angry, or throw them into our bags when we are in a hurry. Fortunately, iPhone Repair Shops like Cell Pros Fresno, offers screen protectors to protect our devices. 

So are you looking for the best screen protectors for your iPhone, Android, laptops, computers, and tablets? Let’s go through some benefits of liquid glass Protectors provided by a Mobile repair shop in Fresno without further ado. 

Why is a screen protector needed for a mobile phone?

Smartphone and tablet repair companies know that we are not always very careful with our devices which is why they try their best to make durable electronics. But these electronics are not indispensable and indestructible, which is why these electronic repairs in Fresno provide liquid glass screen protectors that are very beneficial and useful for our devices. 

All about Liquid Glass Screen Protector you need to know

The liquid Glass screen protector is an invisible product you can easily rub on your smartphone. After rubbing it on the surface of your device, let it dry for some time, and it will change into the molecular chemistry of your smartphone’s screen. When it dries, take a microfibre cloth and smooth the screen so it can resist any cracks, damage, and breaks. 

A simple glass screen protector may look like a safe protector for your phone, but it also contains several holes and openings when you see it under the microscope. That is why its material is vulnerable and breaks when you accidentally drop it. The technicians in the electronic repair in Fresno suggest that instead of using simple glass, you can use a liquid glass screen protector to smooth over any imperfections. Liquid glass protector has the resilience and sturdiness of silicon dioxide to generate a finer alternative to tempered glass for mobile phones, computers, laptops, and tablets.  

Cell Phone Repair store Fresno offers excellent liquid glass screen protectors for smartphones and other devices with a guarantee and warranty. If your screen is damaged or shatters, they will fix it free under warranty. If you care about your device deeply, a liquid glass protector is the best product you can have. Using this product will make your mobile phone look brand new for years and reduce the chance of costly repairs. 

Liquid glass or tempered glass, which one is better?

Another common question that people usually ask is if the liquid glass is better than tempered glass for iPhones, androids, laptops, computers, and tablets. It will not be wrong to say that even the best-tempered glass can damage your devices if they break. This is because tempered glass can easily break and is susceptible to breakage. Even if the edge of tempered glass suffers a crack or damage, it will not be long till your entire screen is damages. This problem does not occur when you have liquid glass as your screen protector because it covers all the edges. Many smartphones have curve screens, so a liquid glass protector is even better for those types of screens because you cannot cover the curve screens with tempered glass, but with liquid glass, it’s not a problem. 

Mobile phone repair in Fresno helps you with liquid glass protectors. They offer assistance with cell phone repair, computer repair services, laptop, and tablet repair, and make sure that your electronic devices are safe and secure. 

Frequently Asked Question for Liquid protectors

Q1: How often should you apply a liquid glass screen protector?

Answer: Unlike every other glass protector, liquid glass screen protectors are not needed to apply every 1-3 months. They can last up to two years; however, mobile repair shops recommend applying them at least once a year. It also does not interfere with fingerprints or sensors. 

Q2: Can multiple layers of liquid glass be applied?

Answer: Yes, there is no problem in applying multiple layers of liquid glass on your screen as it is only glass, and it depends on the type of protection you need on your device. 

Q3: What are the benefits of Liquid glass protectors?

Answer: Liquid glass is an invisible product that can be applied to your device’s screen by rubbing. It dries after a few minutes and turns into a mol;ecular chemistry that can easily resist cracks. 


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