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Difference: Balayage VS Highlights

Hi, everyone! Welcome to the battle of the ages: highlights vs. balayage! The fight for the Best Sun-Kissed Hair Look will begin shortly. Please take your seats and grab some snacks, as we’ll give you a brief rundown on how these services differ and why they might be right for you.

Pricing will vary on your location, stylist experience, and product cost, so be sure to contact your local salon for an accurate estimate! If you have questions about how much your hair color should cost, check out this blog post!

What is Balayage?


You’ve probably seen balayage—or “to sweep”—on the internet lately. It describes a hair color technique that requires the colorist to use a sweeping motion when applying the color to your hair! The word “balayage” means “to sweep” in French, and it was first used in France in the early 1970s. But it didn’t make its way into the American hair industry until the 1990s when people started using it for their natural hair colors.

Even though balayage might seem pretty easy to achieve, it takes a well-trained stylist with an excellent eye to get it done well! To look properly, they must have been trained by someone who knows how to observe your hair’s natural texture and movement and then randomly place color onto your locks to make it look as close to your hair color as possible!

What are the Highlights?


Highlights have been around for ages. Around 4 B.C., the people of Ancient Greece developed the first highlighting technique! They mixed gold flakes, olive oil, and pollen native to the area to create the first bleach! (I wish I had enough money to cover my head in gold flakes.)

The gold flake method has been used for millennia after this mixture was applied to someone’s hair. It is pretty time-consuming and ineffective. Despite this, people used the gold flake method for centuries! Modern highlights were first developed in the early 20th century.

What are the differences?

balayage or highlights

Balayage hair extensions are not only quick to accomplish, but it also requires little to no maintenance afterward, making them an appealing choice for many. Even as your hair grows out, the line of demarcation created by a balayage will not be visible, making it ideal for long-term use. Luckily, balayage requires little to no maintenance, so you can schedule your toner service as frequently as you like!

Be sure to book your toner service about 6 weeks after your balayage appointment, but it’s simple and inexpensive! Toners are a glaze of color that preserves your hair color without resorting to cream coloring, which makes them accessible to everybody. Keeping blonde hair looking good forever is possible if you employ a toner.

Balayage can be time-consuming and costly, which can be a huge deterrent. It takes four to six hours for balayage applications, depending on hair thickness, length, and texture.

Which one should I choose?

It’s extremely difficult to choose between a balayage and highlights, especially when they’re similar. Whenever I arrive at the best hair salon for balayage near me, whether I need maintenance or not, I depend on how frequently I can go. If you can afford it and your schedule allows you to go once every six to eight weeks, go for the highlights!

If you’d rather go through one big, expensive process and never have to deal with it again, maybe you’d prefer a balayage! Determine how you live your life, and then choose the style that’s right for you.


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