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Basic Requirements for Properly Installing a New Dryer Vent

A dryer vent is one of the essentials to properly operate a dryer machine. It is a component that helps expel the hot, moist air from the drying clothes. If the moist air is not expelled from your laundry room, the moisture content in the air will increase causing mold and mildew to grow on the walls and other surfaces.

The increased moisture content can also cause the air to smell moldy which can be harmful for the residents of the house, especially the elderly, children, and pets.

Also, if a dryer vent is not installed properly, apart from the issue with moisture and mold, there is also a fire hazard because of the hot air causing the lint to catch fire.

Requirements for Installing a Dryer Vent

Installing a dryer vent properly is a must to avoid the hazards that come along with it. Doing it properly means mitigating a lot of the hazards and saving the space from health hazards like mold.

So, here are the requirements for installing a dryer vent properly:

1.      Using the Proper Material

Many homeowners use metal tubing or flexible vinyl for these ducts. However, ducts that are ridged pose a fire hazard because they are more likely to trap lint than those that are plain.

A semi rigid or a rigid dryer vent is better than the ridged kind. However, finding the vent having the appropriate diameter to fit the dryer is necessary to make sure that the lint and moist air does not escape from any openings.

2.      Determining the Path

The second basic requirement for properly installing a dryer vent is determining the path. While a short duct is best, it might not be practical. You need to make sure that the path leads to somewhere where the hot air can be properly expelled out of the house.

However, it is recommended that the length of the dryer vent does not exceed 25 feet, so it adds to the complication, especially if your dryer is in the basement or away from the outer wall of the house or apartment.

3.      Opening up the Right Width in the Wall

Just like selecting the right diameter of the vent for the right fit with the dryer is necessary, so is opening up the right width in the wall.

This is probably one of the most challenging parts of installing a dryer vent since its position needs to be where you desire as well. Also, using tools that cut through smoothly without any spaces that may allow lint to escape is also necessary.

Because of this complicated requirement, it can be said that this is better left to the pros. Because if you do dryer duct repair or installation yourself, you might end up doing more damage and incurring more costs than hiring a professional.

Find licensed duct repair technicians in your area to do the job. If you are in Baltimore, Maryland area, 4seasonsairduct should be the choice. 

Final Word

If you have done the dryer vent installation yourself, it is necessary to do a test at the end to make sure that the installation was successful.

For testing you should switch on the dryer and go outside to inspect whether the vent cap is emitting warm, humid air or not. If not, it means that there is a leak in the vent that needs to be repaired.

That being said, a cost-effective and quick way to get dryer vent cleaning, repairing, or installing appropriately is hiring professional services to do the job.

The professionals not only assure that the vent is installed properly, but also assure that they follow the basic requirements like meeting the dryer vent length requirements, and mitigating fire hazards.

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