Slot multipliers are unique features found within slot machines that carry with them the capacity to multiply your winning by a predetermined figure. Despite how common they are, not all slots have them – also try NetEnt slots. The basic aim of these multipliers is to double, triple, and increase your wins, even though some of them have rules on how they work while others are a bit complex to some extent.

Some multipliers are found during free spins or bonus rounds, while some are encountered in normal plays. Each game offers its own rules as regards its symbol use. Therefore, every player must understand the type of based game they are about to play. Also, there are symbols that will multiply wins while others may count towards your total bets. 

What are Multipliers?

Multipliers have the capacity to increase your wins by doubling or tripling your wins. 

How to Spot a Slot with Multipliers

Looking out for any mention of multipliers starts with checking out reviews online. Then find out how to make use of the opportunities by picking out games with more bonuses that can make you win. But before you go ahead, you need to see how these bonuses work, which usually are through symbols, bonus games, or free spins. 

Types of Multipliers

Here are some types of slot multiplier available:

Base Play

This is not common during base play; however, some play base versions will only multiply the value of the winning pay line. If a player who is playing a slot base with a base multiplier, it will take multiple your payline value with whatever the multiplier it has. 

Free Spins

Many slot developers want to have a different approach from base plays, which brought rise to introducing multipliers. Some developers use different symbols to differentiate theirs from the base play games.

Free spins happen when a player might choose his/her multiplier from hidden icons.  This gives a player a chance to big bonuses and a sense of connecting with the slot and the outcome of the play. 

The Wild Side of Multipliers

Having a wild icon that doubles as a multiplier sounds impossible but here is why.

For instance, guns are wild in particular slot games, and you have 2 arrows that you need to create a winning payline. Now, the gun being wild will be substituted with any other symbol to form a winning combination. 

Scattered Multipliers

 In some slot machines, they have scattered symbols that double up as Multipliers. Scatters appear anywhere on the reels to form a win. They don’t appear on a winning payline. 

Win Vs. Bet Multipliers

This is how it works; if a player is given a multiplier, it will carry over to your winnings or just the wager placed on the spin. Often your winnings might be lower than your bet, so you can see how either way can be more rewarding to you depending on your bet. 

Slots with Multiplier Bonuses

Here are some lists of the biggest slot machines with multipliers

·       The mask slot game.

·       Secrets of the stones mobile slot.

·       Capt. Quid’s Treasure Chest Slot.

·       Hall of Gods jackpots.

·       The final Countdown Slot. 


As a player of slots, be realistic that your multipliers may likely be in single figures, particularly you can win up to any number of times your role, but it doesn’t happen all the time. Also, whichever slots with a multiplier worth you decide to play, always bear in mind that while you are aiming for an increase in your bank, it is still not a guarantee that you are going to win.


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