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Appropriate Storing Of Protein Powder: An Overview

The use of protein powder is increasing at an unprecedented rate as more and more people are now concentrating on enhancing their health and maintaining the ideal physique. While most protein powders are derived from animals and their by-products, one can even find vegetarian protein to suit their preference.

Even though most protein powders are made of whole foods, the appropriate way to store protein powder is very different from the storage procedure of whole foods. This is why most people struggle to retain the freshness of their protein powder. However, that will no longer be an issue by reaching the end of this post. So continue reading to learn how to store your protein powder appropriately.  

Where Should You Store Your Protein Powder?

One of the most popular types of protein available in the market is whey protein, generally used by individuals who do resistance workouts regularly, including bodybuilders. This protein is generally used for muscle repair after a workout session because the body can seamlessly absorb whey protein. This ultimately aids in the muscle rebuilding and repair processes.

According to experts, the ideal condition for storing whey protein is a place with humidity of 35% and an ideal temperature of 70-degree Fahrenheit. When kept in such situations, your whey protein powder can last up to eighteen months, a year and a half. In general, places such as cabinets, kitchen pantries, and even closets can be ideal places to store your whey protein powder.  

Furthermore, things are not very different for other protein powders as well. This category could include protein powders such as brown rice protein, pea protein, and egg protein. All you need to do is store your protein powder in a cool and dry space where the humidity does not exceed 35% and the temperature remains 70-degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, some of the ideal spaces to store your protein cloud include a drawer, pantry, cabinet, wall shelf away from direct sunlight, and a closet.

There have been many instances where people stored their protein powder in the refrigerator. One must never make such a mistake because it can easily result in condensation ultimately, resulting in the protein powder going bad before reaching its expiration date. In addition to that, always remember to keep your protein powder away from extreme temperatures, no matter cold or warm. This will ensure that your protein powder lasts for as long as it is supposed to last.         

What Is The Shelf Life Of Protein Powders?

Much research has been conducted on the subject, and most protein powders have a shelf life of eighteen months when stored under ideal conditions. However, there are certain cases where the shelf life of your protein powder can increase up to two years due to the additives found in these powders.

Many people prefer using plant-based protein from Vega Sport Protein instead of milk-based protein. The primary reason behind this is that milk-based proteins are filled with ingredients that can hasten and even stimulate the bacterial reaction in the protein. However, as most proteins available in the market come from animal and milk-based sources, it is always recommended to finish the powder before it reaches its expiration date. This will ensure that your protein remains fresh, and you get the relevant health benefits that come with protein powders.   

How Do I Know If My Protein Powder Has Gone Bad?

Protein powders are not very different from the conventional whole foods that you consume regularly. Therefore, just like conventional food, even protein powders will show many signs indicating they are no longer suited for consumption. Therefore, let’s check out these signs.

  • A notable difference in the coloration of the protein powder.
  • The sour and rotten smell coming from the protein powder
  • Accumulation of wet lumps or unusual clumping of the powder.
  • The protein powder starts to taste bitter.  

Even though supplement manufacturers are not obligated to seek approval from the FDA, certain prominent brands such as the Vega sport protein powder still do to ensure the quality of their product. Certain brands will label the expiration date with a “use by” date. This means that your protein powder could still go bad before the specified date in case you fail to store it appropriately. Therefore, always make sure to ensure appropriate storage no matter what.   

How To Utilize The Protein Powder Before It Reaches The Expiration Date?

There is no shortage of ways that one could leverage to use their protein powders before they reach their expiration dates. One can access varied protein recipes on the internet and use the same to make unique shakes to mouthwatering desserts. This way, you can ensure that your protein powder does not go to waste while you enjoy delicious treats with optimum health benefits.      


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