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All About the Lottery Game Saturday Lotto

Winning a lottery game is something that certainly feels delightful. The money you win through it can help you fulfil your dreams. But before you think about winning the game, you need to actually play the game. In the lottery game also called Saturday Lotto, the minimum Division 1 prize pool is approximately $5 million each week. It is undoubtedly a lot. This mini-guide will help you understand the game, making it easier to play. 

What Happens in the Game Saturday Lotto?

Saturday Lotto is a lotto draw held every Saturday in Victoria, Northern Territory, and Tasmania. It is also held in New South Wales, Western Australia, and the Australian capital territory. In this game, a total of 8 numbers are drawn. Six balls get pulled from a barrel having 45 balls. These balls have numbers from 1 to 45. After that, two more numbers are drawn. If people want to win Division 6, the lowest division, they must match three main numbers. 

How to Play the Game?

It’s easy to play this lottery game. It gives you various options to choose from according to your budget and preferences. Follow these stepwise instructions to play this lottery game.

  • Determine a Saturday Lotto entry – You can pick from System entry, Standard entry, Syndicate entry, Lotto Party entry or a Super Combo entry. 
  • Pick your numbers – You have to select a total of six numbers. You have the option to enter with a QuickPick. In it, all six numbers get generated randomly for you. If you can match all these six numbers, you will become the winner of Division 1.
  • Buy your ticket – It’s easy to purchase the ticket for this lottery game. You can do it online on the site of the game’s authorised reseller. To increase your likelihood of winning millions, ensure to enter the Lotto draw before 7:25 PM AEST/8:25 PM AEDT.
  • See your numbers to find whether you’ve won. You can watch the draw on 7TWO at 8:30 PM AEST/9:30 PM AEDT. If you purchase a Tatts Lotto ticket from an authorised reseller, you will get the draw results in your inbox, which you can check online. 

How to Be the Winner of Saturday Lotto

In this lottery game, there are six divisions. Six major numbers are drawn from a barrel every Saturday. After that, two supplementary numbers are drawn. It is these numbers that influence the prices in Division 2 and 5. To win the Lotto Division 1, you must match six main numbers. But for winning Division 6, you must pair only three main numbers.

Supplementary numbers get chosen from the primary barrel after drawing six main numbers. These affect the prices for Division 2 and 5. For instance, if five main numbers and one supplementary number match, it would yield 6 winning numbers. But since one of the numbers is a supplementary one, you’ll win Division 2 and not 1. 

Now that you know how to play this lottery game and win it, you can buy your ticket. You don’t need to feel worried if you miss the draw. You can check the lottery game’s result in other ways, one of which is finding the result in your inbox. It’s essential to purchase the ticket before the deadline of Saturday ends. 


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