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Advertising on the Road: Why Car Decals Make a Genius Marketing Tool

A car decal is a fantastic marketing tool to get your company’s name and logo before the general public. According to Business Insider, an estimated 70 percent of car owners drive their car every day [source: Allen]. Think about it — that makes car stickers one of the best forms of advertising that you can choose for your business.

Here is why Car Decals Make a Genius Marketing Tool:

  • Car decals and car wraps work so well because they give people something to take with them when they leave. Sure, people might see your car in its parking space or hear someone mention your name while waiting in line at Starbucks, but car decals let them do more than just talk amongst themselves about you. They let potential customers actually take ownership of your brand and your message by sharing their cars with your car decal.
  • Car stickers are the perfect promotional tool for people who commute often — car owners, car washers and car valets. They can be a valuable marketing gift for car dealerships and car repair shops. Car decals also work great if you own a fleet of vehicles for a business or organization with a wider audience to reach.
  • Car decals aren’t just valuable advertising tools — they’re valuable reminders that your brand is on more than just the car in which it’s displayed [source: Allen]. When someone sees your car sticker while walking down the street or driving past it on the highway, they’ll remember what business you’re in or what event you sponsored because of that car decal.
  • The car decal is a great way to generate exposure. It delivers your company name and logo not only where it will be seen, but where it can do the most good — on car windshields across town. Learn more about car decals today!
  • When choosing keywords for car stickers or car decals, don’t forget that you want to include words that accurately describe what you’re offering as well as location-based words. For example, a car dealership in Denver may want to work in car wraps near me as well as car wraps ColoradoSprings so people searching those terms have a better chance of finding the business they seek.
  • In addition, including information about available products and services can help drive car sticker sales by providing useful information to car decal customers.
  • Car stickers are the perfect promotional tool for car owners, car dealerships and car repair shops that rely on car windshields as one of their primary advertising spaces. To get started with car decals, check out vinyl-stickers.com today!
  • Car stickers can come in many colors, sizes and styles to fulfill any budget or marketing goal. They provide an attractive exterior appearance that will have your car looking sharp while offering a professional appearance you’ll be proud of. Vinyl car stickers are also incredibly versatile, so no matter what kind of look you’re going for you’ll be able to create it using just one material type!
  • There are many ways to market your business. You can rely on social media posts, news articles, email marketing, and more. But there’s one advertising strategy that often gets overlooked: car decals.

If you want a low-cost way to advertise your brand, car decals are the perfect solution for you–and here’s why!

They’re Affordable

One of the best parts about car decals is their affordability. Because car owners are already spending money on car paint jobs and repairs, they can also afford a few small car stickers or window clings without breaking the bank.

They’re Versatile

Car decal advertisements come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on where they’re placed and how big they are, car decals can be seen by car owners, car passengers, or car window washers.

They Reach New Audiences

Car decals are an excellent way to reach people you’ve never reached before. When car owners travel out of their hometowns, they may see your car decal on another car. This allows you to expand your brand’s outreach and appeal to a larger market!

They Stand Out From Other Advertisements

Hoarding advertisements in the form of flyers, billboards, radio ads, social media posts–and more–can get very overwhelming for potential customers. By opting for car stickers as your advertising strategy instead of other forms of ads, you’ll stand out from the competition and generate brand awareness.


Car decals offer car owners a low-cost, versatile option for advertising their business. In addition, car decal car be seen by car owners and car passengers alike, reaching an entirely new audience.

Car stickers are an excellent way to make your car look great while doing your part to help your brand gain visibility!


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