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Traveling With Hair Extensions – Tips Every Girl Should Know

Traveling abroad for a holiday is something everyone enjoys doing. A holiday doesn’t mean you have to say bye-bye to gorgeous hair. Hair is the first thing that gets noticed and sets your selfies on fire!

Going on a holiday should not be a cause of worry. Rather you must be carefree and enjoy your time to the fullest! Having beautiful hair doesn’t have to stop simply because you’re on vacation! Bringing your human hair extensions with you on holiday is a must. Not only will they help you have a gorgeous mane, but they will also ensure you look your best for those photo-worthy moments.

Of course, knowing exactly how to travel with hair extensions is important to keep them in the best condition possible. 

Tips While Traveling With Hair Extensions

Caring for your best human hair extensions on a holiday

Here are some great tips for traveling and adventuring with hair extensions.

Packing Your Human Hair Extensions

  • Remove any knots or tangles from your hair before packing it up. 
  • Use a clean, dry travel bag for your best human hair extensions.
  • Store them in your suitcase in the middle layers of your clothes.

If you follow these steps, you will have knot-free and frizz-free hair extensions for your holiday.

Use Hair Oils

  • Hair oils are designed to help retain moisture in your curly hair extensions. This is important because exposure to elements like chlorine, salt water, and hard water can strip away moisture, making your hair extensions dry and brittle.
  • Make sure not to miss this hair product when packing for your holiday.

Braid The Hair Extensions

  • If you’re sitting or sleeping for long periods during your flight, try braiding your hair extensions at the beginning of the trip. This will keep your curly human hair extensions from getting tangled by the time you reach your destination.

Brush Your Extensions Regularly

  • Make sure you’re taking your hairstyle everywhere and regularly brushing your hair extensions while you’re out and about. Salt in the air can make natural hair slightly more unmanageable, so it’s important to keep things under control by brushing regularly. 
  • Be sure to use a hairbrush for hair extensions to avoid damaging the bonds. You’ll need a brush with flexible bristles that can easily glide over your hair extension bonds while gently removing knots and tangles.

Get Your Silk Or Satin Along

  • Who doesn’t love the feeling of silk against their skin? It’s luxurious, and it’s a small extravagance that we all deserve. But did you know silk pillowcases are also great for your hair and amazing for your best bob hair extensions.
  • They help keep your hair looking smooth and sleek, so if you’re worried about frizz while traveling, pop a silk pillowcase over the provided pillow and rest easy.

Avoid Sea Water & Chlorine

  • To keep your best human hair extensions looking their best, avoid exposing them to salt water or chlorine, as this can cause them to become dry, tangled, or discolored. 
  • After swimming, rinse your hair extensions with fresh water to remove any salt or chlorine, preventing it from drying out and damaging your extensions.
  • Brush through your extensions while it’s still wet to help prevent knots from forming. 
  • Then, don’t forget a good deep conditioning treatment after swimming. Hair extensions don’t create their oils, so a good deep conditioner will help to add some moisture back in.
The model is sporting curly human hair extensions on a beach.

Never Go To Bed With Wet Hair Extensions

  • It can be tempting to forgo this rule and affordable cost sleep with wet hair while on vacation, but doing so may result in your hair extensions tangling or matting. 
  • To avoid this, make sure your real hair extensions clip in that are sewn in are dry and secured in a plait before going to bed.
  • Always air dry them properly and then sleep.

Don’t Use New Hair Extensions For Your Holiday

  • If you’re traveling and want to keep your hair looking good, try to keep an existing set in and have them maintained before you travel. You will know how to work around them rather than a new pair of the best human hair extensions. 
  • This way, even if the sun, sea, and sand do harm your hair, you won’t be left too disappointed because that hair would be due for a change anyway.

After Holiday Care

  • After you return from your lovely vacation, don’t forget to schedule an appointment with your hair extension technician! 
  • They’ll be able to give your hair a much-needed checkup, replace any bonds that may not be looking as healthy, and give you a good trim to remove any tired-looking ends. They may also be able to help freshen your hair if it’s been exposed to the sun, sea, and sand.


Now that you know how to take care of your hair extensions while on holiday, you should feel more confident about going on a trip. Of course, you want to make sure that your extensions don’t get damaged while you’re enjoying your time away. 

Remember that even the best human hair style extensions can be damaged if you don’t care for them properly. One of the ways to avoid this is by treating your curly human hair extensions with the same care and attention you treat your natural hair.

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